HP 35S site withdrawn


Did HP pull the site over criticism? Would they revise it? If someone has the original PDF spec page would they post it in this forum? Hoping, Sam


Did HP pull the site over criticism? Would they revise it?

Maybe you didn't follow the earlier discussions. The material about the HP-35s was posted by a foreign-distribution partner (not HP), which likely "jumped the gun" by announcing a product that wasn't to be available until sometime in summer. I don't know how "final" the specs and image were. The distributor's site is still up.

The material was removed at the initiative or either the distributor or HP, likely due to the chatter and inquiries resulting from the leak, which certainly rejuvenated discussion in MoHPC Forum.

If someone has the original PDF spec page would they post it in this forum?

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I noticed that the HP35S and HP10S PDFs on the HPCC site have now gone as well. Perhaps HP had a quiet word to them too?



Seems likely.

Did the data sheets have the FnnnnA model numbers?



hp35s = F2215A

So far I can't find any more about them on the internet. Interestingly, you can find a place holder on HP's site for when they are ready to post the repair/replacement parts.

go here: hp parts and search for "f2215".

I suppose that all of us will be regularly checking this link :)


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Interesting! They even state "Part is in stock" there :)


I think that belongs just to the icon legend. The red cross to the right of the part number indicates -surprise- it is not available ;-).


"No search results were found that match f2215."



please go there and key in f2215 for the parts number. Then press the
>> to the right of the parts number window. This works even in Germany ;-)


Yes, it worked that time; thanks. Tried it several times previously. Oh, well.

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