stop moving the keys


I do dislike the strange keys on the 33S, I don't mind the smaller ENTER key. I am distressed by the 33S not having a dedicated STO key. What I think we would appreciate is not having a new key arrangement in every new model to come out. It is akin to every new computer having a new keyboard arrangement. I use the 32II and 33S at different locations and it takes a readjustment each time. I think loyalty should be rewarded by a commonality in key location. The power to make decisions is ever far from the problem. Every executive a Michangelo. Sam


A good idea !

Some of the proposed key-rearrangements seem justified, but let's wait for an official release to start the flames.

The HP35s hasn't officially been anounced and people already discuss the 35si, 35sii, the 35sx, 35sxi and the 35smcx. Just let's be patient and don't forget, the HP42s almost has it all!


don't forget, the HP42s almost has it all!

...all except state-of-the-art display and I/O. Else, the interest in unreleased RPN models won't be so high IMO (though some design work is pure fun). So, you are right: almost.

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...all except state-of-the-art display and I/O..

And a fast processor, and lots of memory and ..

Like I said at last year's HHC. I don't want HP to bring back the 42S, I want them to come out with what a top of the line RPN calculator would have been today, if the 42S had represented the direction HP took instead of the 28C and RPL.

More impossible dreams. 8)



I think that you have good idea there. But perhaps it shouldn't be strictly applied. There's a tension between stability and innovation. If you are going to add features, where do you put them if the keyboard is static? But a basic set of arithmetic and scientific functions, the numeric keys, enter, roll down, last x, x<>y and perhaps a few others could be standardized to the great benefit of loyal users.


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