HP 35 S with coloured Keys


What do you think about my changes?
They are not so good as Walters (n wich it based) but i hope some will enoy it.


I really like the white keys. Although you will have to change the intensity of the yellow and blue to show up well, I think it adds a bit to the "classic" or "anniversary" theme.


I think the blue actually shows up fine, but the yellow contrast with white is awful.

Overall, I like the contrast of the numeric keys. It's a lot like an adding machine, though, which might annoy a purist.



I wonder how a white "Enter" key would look?


White :-))


At least at first.


So the easy solution to the yellow contrast problem is to move thse labels off the keys and down on to the keyboard itself.



Hallo Jürgen, sieht gut aus! Wirft aber m.E. mehr Probleme auf (Farben, Logik der Labelanordnung) als es an Nutzen bringt. Außerdem erinnert es mich mehr an aktuelle TI- als an HP-Rechner. Summe: optisch sehr nett, aber ich würde es so nicht übernehmen.

(Looks nice! Causes more problems (colors, labelling consistency), however, than benefits IMHO. BTW, it reminds me of the color schemes of recent TI calcs more than of HP. Summary: very nice looking, but I won't adopt it.)


I found abandoned in a drawer at work, an old HP 29c.
It's once white keys are grey, grubby and tarnished.

So I would vote against this idea.

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