HP41 pages updated



I have updated my HP41 pages at http://www.kuipers.to/hp41.htm

There are pictures of my equipment and scanned downloads of the PPC volumes with MLDL schematics plus some more.
I am in the process of re-designing the MLDL with programmable logic in VHDL and making some progress there. So far I have dome the Phase counter, ISA Input Shift Register and some control logic. If there is enough interest I will make the design public.

Meindert Kuipers



Many people in here would, also, like to have access to these. I have opened the first page and it is really full of information.

Two little suggestions? What about a Photo Gallery, as found in other sites? Or pictures appearing in a reduced scale in first page, so it would download faster. After clicking on them, a new page with normal size picture would open.

Just suggestions... page is great.

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