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Hi All,
I have a HP-41CV calculator over 20 years old. I made the mistake at some point of putting some cheap Radio Shack batteries in it - and one of the battery terminals suffered somewhat minor damage. I attempted to gently clean the terminal with some baking Soda mixed with just a little water and to gently dry and buff the area to remove the green crud. However, I could not get it completely clean and I hesitate to clean more vigorously as it looks like the metal is starting to separate just a little.

When I replaced the batteries with new ones 0.0000 appears briefly and then fades out. I took the batteries out and put them back in a couple of times and now it appears to be working fine. But I suspect that the battery is not making perfect contact with one of the terminals. Incidentally, the other three terminals look shiny/new and are in perfect condition.

Is there are very minor repair that I could do to the 1 slightly damaged battery terminal?




I picked up a 41CX at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for $2.99. It had a corroded battery contact point and would only work if the pack was jiggled in a certain way. I went to Fry's Electronics and picked up a circuit writer pen from the ProGold people (Caig Labs Inc.). It is a silver based paint marker like thing that leaves a conductive coating on the circuit trace that is still there. Seems to be holding up just fine so far.

I stick to Duracells. I have had some bad luck with Radio Shack and Energizer cells in several devices.

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