15C program question


I was looking at the programs we have here, and in the longer quadratic program, it lists a command that I am not familiar with.

026 RCL: 1

I understand the RCL and the 1, but what does the colon signify and how do I enter that on the 15C?

- John


It probably is a "division" operation, so just press the RCL key, the division key, and the "1" key.

Best regards from V.


Thanks... that's odd... normally you will see / for division.

Thanks again for the heads up.


is it RCL <decimal point> 1 i.e. RCL 11 ?


No... it is a colon.


If you are referring to http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/15cquad.htm then it should be RCL/, not RCL:.

Register 1 contains 2a, so RCL/ 1 is required to get the correct answer.


Well, I treated the colon as a divide, so it really wouldn't matter. Is there something else the colon can stand for as I have seen it before, but then a few lines below I would see them use the forward slash so it was as if they were using it interchangeably, which does not make any sense.


026 RCL: 1

I understand the RCL and the 1, but what does the colon signify and how do I enter that on the 15C?

As Valentin and others have stated, I think it's supposed to be "divide". The original intent was probably to superimpose ":" on "-", to make a divide sign. A capital theta can similarly be formed by superimposing "-" on a "0".

-- KS

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