For all of HPs (semi)-recent misgivings...


When I became "serious" about HPs, programming (in general), and efficient calculator programming (late 2001 or so) I caught notice of a special-edition 'employee's only' HP calculator (33 or 32sii was it??). (some of you know of my childhood explorations with my 42s (who was the go-to nerd of my 6th grade class?)

Well, when you grow up cataloging magstrips for your engineer-father there is a certain 'likely outcome' at work. Well, as much as we have griped about the stray HP that we used to love there is something that is worth mentioning-

How many 'edition' calcs has TI released in the past x years? We've had the 33 (or 32s), 12cp anniversary, and now the 35s.

That's pretty cool. Just a brief look through other eyes: It is not cool to look forward to "Special Edition" calculators! While we get amped about these things, it is uncommon (therefore not the best business model) to pander to us. So, here's to us techies and nerds that "get" these machines!



HP also released special editions of the 14b, 28s, and 48gx.

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