VM (Virtual Machine) is not a new concept to build an interface to real HW. Everyone who logically rebuilt a CPU to interpret some firmware with it as close as possible to real HW programmed a Virtual Machine (Simulation or Emulator). New are the terms used for old processes: "Paravirtualisation" is called the method when a guest-OS may know it's not running on a real machine and gets access to it's host's HW, the realy real HW. If you use an HP-50G with an ARM inside to emulate (simulate?) a Saturn-CPU but (AFAIK) that "new" OS calls now and then native ARM routines you have an "ARM based Saturn-emulator running a paravirtualized OO-OS" at hand. (OO-OS = Object Orientated Operating System, hence '3OS'.)

Reminds me the last words in "Paradigm", a song of (from? with??) Prince interpretet by George Clinton:
"... and virtual is real!"


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