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There are no dumb questions - Right?

In my small HP collection, I would prefer to have low serial numbers. And to have a number that is lower than any so far listed in the Collector's Corner would be cool.

As a general rule, are most other collectors very impressed with a calculator which has a significantly lower serial number than the lowest number shown on the MoHPC? Hypothetically speaking, if I was to buy such a low numbered calculator, should I expect to pay much of a premium price for it?




I think it depends (at least) on:

- how eager you are for a particular machine
- how complete the machine is
- how the overall appearance of the items is
- how good the machine works


Good luck!


BTW: Some of the lowest serial numbers provided here are from my calcs;-)


You must always take the serial numbers with a grain of salt. Since many HP machines have interchangeable parts with the serial numbers on them, it is a trivial and often times undetectable task to lower the number. There is enough data in the serial number database to make a valid number much lower than those published highly unlikely. If you like low numbers you must also keep an eye out for both a first-week-of production and a low serial number... I have HP97 number 00012 from the first known week of production.
Also HP was never much on keeping their serial numbers in line with their actual production dates, hence about 50 percent of HP35's and HP65's are from the "first week".

I wouldn't pay extra for a low number (I have about half of the HP machines with first week date codes)

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