10yrs Emu48


With all the ballyhoo about the HP-35S, who remarked the
10th anniversary of Emu48? Congratulations to Sebastien Carlier to publish the source and thank you very much to Christoph Gießelink to care for its usability. I had a lot of fun with it and enabled me to help colleagues at work to maintain their real machines.

Thank you.....Mike


I use it everyday and have been for as long as I can remember.

Perhaps a 10th anniversary edition is in order, perhaps (please) with Linux/GTK support.


I never cared much about Linux only for Cygwin back in the days when Hercules was not available for Windows native. But just have a look at Nonpareil if one of those elder models fits your needs. BTW, I did like Linux as Knoppix Rescue CD when Windows did not find the build-in HDD of my Laptop any more. Now I try to get DSL installed as alternative OS but failed up to now. Yep - I know ... subject-drift ... wrong forum...


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