Correct VAC Output for HP-97 AC Adapter?


I have an HP-97 but no AC Adapter/Charger. So I'll probably make one. I am not sure of the correct output voltage. The HP Museum says 8 VAC, but the Service Manual says it is 12.8 VAC (Section 2-42 pg 2-5).

Can someone with an adapter perhaps measure it for me and tell me what it really is?


-- Dan W.


I don't have a voltmeter, but I have three 82059 adapters.

The all have engraved on them 8VAC 3W MAX.

Does this help?


I have the same adapter as Les. Printed is 8 VAC. However I measured the output as 12.7 VAC. Hope this helps.


Egan: Your 12vdc would be the unloaded value. In series with a battery it would probably be more like the nominal 8vdc.

Dan: Making that plug is going to be a drag. I have a spare. Do you live near me?

Edited: 30 May 2007, 12:31 a.m.


I live in Phoenix AZ. A bit of a drive. Would you be willing to sell one?

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