I have seen an HP-34C that appears to produce the number 3.141492653 for pi rather than 3.141592654. Does anyone know if there is a known bug in some models of the HP-34C, or is this more likely to be a malfunction in this particular device? Thanks.


On my (loved) HP-34C I obtain 3.141592654. It is a 1980 model (S/N begins with *2045S... and I bought it in 1980).

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What does the self test return..?


Mike T.


The self-test returned normal results, and as it turned out, the pi key also returned 3.141592654 according to the owner. Therefore, I have to agree with the respondents that suggested either hand key-in of the number or the results of a calculation. It was not seller's concern, but a prospective buyer's paranoia. Thank you, all!


Larry, I noticed that readout in the EBay auction. I thought they just keyed the digits in that way, mistaking it for Pi. I don't think it is a failure (except in the seller's mind!).


It's also possible the seller has keyed this in:

[h] [pi] [f] [->H.MS] [g] [->H]

On my HP-34C this returns 3.141592653 :-)




I would guess that the seller just keyed in 3.14159265358, rather than hit the PI key, and the calculator display stopped at the ...53. My 34 returns 54 as the last digits, I would be surprised if any of the 34s returned something other than this with the PI key.

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