HP10S: Is it new, too?


HP10S; announced to arrive in June 2007. Have not heard of it. Is it new for you, too?

I feel as if I'm out for a while...


Luiz (Brazil)

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Yes the 10S is new, we only heard about it at the same time as the 35S. It is being "announced" along with the 35S in the next few days.



The HP-35S' CPU is a SPLB31A. Sounds like 12C-platinium or HP-17B2, IMHO. Any emulators arround for it? For sure, but where?? TIA!


BTW: currently I play with acient MacOS using Mini vMac - great fun 2 find 10 yrs old solutions of todays man-machine-interfaces 4 PCs. <G>


Same CPU as the 33s. The 35s is almost certainly an evolution of the 33s design. Fortunately, it is obvious that HP has been listening to what users have been asking for!


Hi Eric!

HP tries to make money with those calcs so they need to get back the reputation of "enduring quality" and "fits exactly your needs". The catch up by re-design (HP-50G et al) and now by _retro-design_. Let's see if the preamble about care for quality shows up again in the new manuals.

One more word about design: some years ago I assumed the future of pocket calculators will be in emulators (or simulations) running on a PDA. I was wrong. Users still like to have those High Price (=high value, highly specialized) devices as real hardware. What leads me to an other approach: one hardware (display, keys, ...) and task-specific software from the Internet or on a flash card from your dealer. Something like -- wasn't it yours?? -- the prototype of a 'most-classics-simulator' with keybord overlays as Matthias showed me in Allschwil. Future will show what users buy.

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Look at Casio fx-350MS (I have one). It seems identical.


I have seen some low cost chinese clones of this calculator.

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The new HP-10s is most likely a rebadged Casio. HP did this with the HP-8s (a very interesting looking device, for sure), so it's not like they're breaking new ground here. I suspect the HP-10s won't be available in the USA; just EMEA. It's been almost impossible to find an HP-8s in the USA, even on eBay.

It doesn't stir me like an RPN model, or especially the new HP-35s, but it still kinda neat looking. I'd rather use THAT than the HP-6s (the other solar-powered model) which -- while very thin and small -- kinda sucked. ;-)



It's been almost impossible to find an HP-8s in the USA, even on eBay.

It is impossible to find it in Italy, too.


It is impossible to find it in Italy, too.

Not a problem... I got mine from an aussie ;)


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