HP-9G programming bug


I tried to program the N-Queens Problem on the HP-9G for benchmarking and get a "NEST Er" without a plausible reason. After invastigating the problem, I have found the following:

Lbl 0:

This simple program for the sum of 1..n works only to N=3. The reason seems to be the jump out of the IF block more than 3 times.

Is it possible to avoid this problem?



did you try other variable names?

Did you try with discrete operations,

like N=N-1 instead of '(--N)' ?

What does the doc say about that 'GOTO 0' construct ?

Or about the error message?

A nesting error indicates that either calling the

subprogram would exceed the the allowed nesting depth,

or maybe you forgot the correct return statement.



I have tried N=N-1 or other variables too. The "NEST Er" is discribed in the manual for the GOSUB statement with a maximum of 3 nesting depth.

Another example:

Lbl 0:


The first example works but the second gives a "NEST Er".

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