Which mathematical functions live out in the suburbs?


Call me a masochist, but Ron’s question about Lorentz transforms brought back fond memories of tackling DEQ, in the days before calculators ;-)

Also brought back memories of a BAD joke:

Which mathematical functions live out in the suburbs?

Why, commuting derivatives, of course.


Sorry people, my use of DEQs has to be LIMITED since I am self-taught, (sort of a self-made masochist). Hey! That's not only cheating on yourself (kinky), but, it's unecessarily redundant. I'll try this pun thing anyway.


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WHY did you get me started? We'll have plenty of competition before noon!

"Hey, Juan! You understand that stuff about Relativity?"



"Should we buy the new surrey from Mr. Newton or Mr. Einstein

"Well, I asked Mr. Heisenberg for advice but he was uncertain."

"And, you remember what an imagination Mr. Eienstein had when
we bought from him last year? Went to all that trouble to get
us to "visualize" ourselves in that surrey we had already
decided to buy. I like him, but I don't understand him as well
as I do Mr. Newton."

"That settles it then! It's his turn this year. The new ones all
look alike anyway. Besides, with Mr. Newton it is always -



"This boy needs to get to sleep before space-time
wakes me up. Why don't we visit with Lorentz for a few weeks?
He's still a little depressed over the outcome of that
M&M thing he was involved with. Be a good time to try out
that new surrey. Maybe he has some ideas about the reconciliation
I need."


"Surrey" = ??


It's a type of horse-drawn carriage.

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