Just a thought. Wanna share


Sorry to interrupt the flow of mathematical/technical exchanges on this forum.

I just wanted to share a thought: when cruising on http://www.hpcalculators.net/HP-67/HP-67%20box1.JPG , I noticed the quality of this HP67 GianMaria found (or maybe it's his own he kept in perfect shape) and especially the leatherette pouch.

It brings back memories of the time I had my very first HP21: I couldn't believe the quality of the pouch, although it came with a low-range calculator. Its softness, smell and much more.

Don't take me wrong: it ain't nothing physical in a politically incorrect way :-)

Just this feeling that you own something special, designed by special people, having the same expectations you have.

This I never forgot and it drove me to always get the top of the cream product if I can afford it. This way I'm sure people did care of me before I have to ask.

Sorry for this long thought but it brought me back in 1974 and I love that...

Good night (midnight over here)



cannot help adding a few lines here.

I was 13 YO in 1974, but I actually had the chance to see and opperate an HP21 my older brother bought. That was the first calculator I saw, and I was killing my braincells in order to try to figure out how could it write numbers and compute them... I was not even aware of what [SIN], [STO] and other keys stood for, but the fact of being able to compute basic opeations was... awesome!

In 1982 (I was 20, then) I could buy my first HP, an HP41C. Brand new! So, when I read

I'm sure people did care of me before I have to ask.
I think I know what you mean, and I miss it, too.


Luiz (Brazil)


I was 13 YO in 1974

So I was... But I had the chance my mother bought me the HP21. It's then been stolen in my school bag. That's the reason why I decided to entreat the bad luck buying one, then 4 others, on the unmentionable web site...

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