Casio FX-7500g manual in English? :-)


Looking for an english manual for the Casio FX-7500g graphing calculator.

I tried here:

but the link it gives is dead. Anyone have a link to the PDF or a copy of the PDF they could let me browse? :-)



if you cannot find the manual, the FX-7000G is almost identical to the FX-7500G.

FX-7000G manual


I can confirm this - I have both the 7000 and 7500 manuals in front of me. Use the fx-7000g manual with confidence. The differences are minor and mostly related to the capacities of the machines, e.g. 7000: max 52 memories, 7500: max 526 memories.

Here is one added feature of the 7500g, transcribed from the manual. This appears at the end of section 3-2. (My 7000g doesn't have batteries in it at the moment; perhaps this exists as an easter egg in the earlier model?)

* Instant factor function

The instant factor function can be used to quickly magnify the size of a graph by 2n or reduce it by 1/2n. The change in size is centered at the pointer when it is displayed, and at the center of the graph when the pointer is not displayed.

- Operation

(Shift)(×) ... 2X magnification in both x and y directions. Pressing (Shift)(×) again magnifies by 22 or 4X, and a third press magnifies by 23 or 8X.

(Shift)(÷) ... 1/2 reduction in both x and y directions. Pressing (Shift)(÷) again reduces by 1/22 or 1/4, and a third press reduces by 1/23 or 1/8.

Since range contents are switched to their inverse proportions, the graphic display is cleared each time the instant factor function is executed.


The following input ranges (p201) are clarified in the 7500g manual:

log x, ln x: 10^-99 <= x < 10^100
x^y: When x<0, y=n, 1/2n + 1 (n is an integer)
x=0 -> y>0
When x>0, -10^100< y log x < 100
Pol(x,y): sqrt(x^2+y^2) < 10^100

With the exception of references to amounts of memory available or free in the text or on sample displays (422 bytes max on the 7000G, 4006 bytes max on the 7500G), some keycap graphics, and some of the physical specs in the back, I could detect no other differences.



I have tested the [Shift] [×] and [÷] on the FX-7000GA and it works like your discription.


I cannot confirm for the 7XXX series, but I got a fx-8000G and a fx-8500G that are *totally* equivalent, being the only difference the RAM memory available (around 1500 for the 8000, over 6000 for the 8500).

So I guess you can use safely the manual for the 7000 which is linked above.

-- Antonio


Hi Gene,

You could try


While not free, the price doesn't seem outrageous.

Disclaimer - I've never bought anything from them, don't know the quality, etc etc etc :)



Hi, Gene:

    I think I got it some time ago from that same, now defunct link. Right now I'm far from home and can't check but tonight (i.e. within 8 hours from this post's timestamp) I'll do it.

    If I do find it (which I think I should), it'll be a large PDF file. I'll upload it somewhere and tell you the download details.

Best regards from V.

P.S.: Found it ! I'm uploading it right now, will send you a message through the MoHP forum soon.

Edited: 25 May 2007, 4:07 p.m.


Shoot me that email when you get a chance! :-)


Thank you!


Can you send me the manual (maxsize 20MB in Gmail), or the link to download it? TIA.

Leonardo Rota-Rossi
leorossi at gmail


Best regards from V.

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