Reversed keys from factory?


I saw an item (250119359325) on a popular auction site that will remain nameless, but I was not really sure what to make of the fact that the calculator has two keys reversed. It's indicated that it doesn't appear to have been opened, and from my personal experience with 41s, I can believe it. I mangled my original 41C getting it apart.

Has anyone seen a mistake like that before, or is it a sure sign it's been opened? Just curious.


I believe it is possible to remove the feet, disassemble the halves, and reassemble, with no outward signs of having done so.


The fullnut is easy to take apart and put together. Even I did it successfully the first time. Search the archives (especially back in 2005 or before) and you'll find lots of great stuff written by Luiz, Randy, and a number of others on this topic.

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