Any new Keystroke Programming Calculators available?


I have a President of a large bank that has an HP 97 & 12C Calculators. He wants to know what other HP Calculators are available that have the "Keystroke Programming" feature. He knows how to program calculators (former MIT student) and his HP 97 is dead.

Please let me know if we have a replacement. Thank you.

Gladys Suarez
Sales Specialist
HP Puerto Rico


If you get onto HP's website choose Products and Services then calculators. You will be given choices from the various categories of calculators (i.e., scientific, financial, graphing). It would be helpful to know what your banker wants to use his future calculator for. Contact me directly if you have further questions.


I forgot to include this information in my last message


Since cost probably isn't an issue and He may want a hardcopy output at times, consider any of these three calculators:

Hp48g series RPL very similiar programming input to its key input for programming ie RPN

Hp19bII RPN/Algebraic with algebraic HP solve (key in eq as shown in text book)

Hp17bII same as Hp19bII without trig and is smaller pocket size calc.

All three of above work with an IR printer that retails for another $135 to get a print out of programs or tallies.

He would probably be most comfortable with an Hp48g, but the other two are very good also.


In answer to the question:

'what other HP Calculators are available that have the "Keystroke Programming" feature'

I think the only current HP calculators that have key stroke programming is the HP12C and HP32SII. I'm not sure about the HP17 and HP19 but I don't think they have it.

The HP48/49 are quite different to program as they use RPL not RPN and take a bit of getting used to if you have only done keystroke programming. Don't get the HP49G to learn RPL because the HP manuals don't cover RPL programming at all. Get the HP48G+ or HP48GX to learn RPL as the standard manual (+ advanced user guide) are OK.



I do not like working with algebraic calculators, but the HP20S is one trully keystroke programmable, as it does not have softkeys and all resources are available printed over the keyboard, as in the HP97 and 12C. The big difference is the equals key instead of an ENTER key. If RPN is a must, the HP20S will be NO choice; if algebraic is acceptable, go for it.


the answer is eBay, get another hp97.

If he has used the hp97 for 20+ years, he will be
grossly disappointed with current offerings

the hp97 has a real keyboard, big readable screen
and can even run simple programs. If you haven't used one
you won't understand how it feels to own one.



No way to be against you. Completely right. I have used an HP97 for more than 2 years and there is no way to describe the feeling. Isaac Asimov used one (is it correct?) to compute numbers used in 2001 - A Space Odissey. It is amazing.

The 20S is a poor replacement; never to the HP97 ;-)


wrong author: clarke. wrong decade: the 1960's. right idea: i can't imagine someone as brilliant as asimov using an algebraic. i just read his "science for idiots" book; frontiers II. interesting in a wide range of subjects.


This is just to know what happened next... Any final choices? I’m curious about it.

In time: "Isaac Asimov used one (is it correct?) to compute numbers used in 2001 - A Space Odyssey."

Completely out of my mind... Shame on me! I must exercise my neural net for memory occurrences.

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