I have an HP 48 that the 8 and 9 buttons are beginning to stick. Does anyone know of anyone that repairs these fairly reasonable? You can buy a new one for about $130. Thanks.


You might try to call hp and see what they will charge to repair (Hp doesn't repair anything, they will just toss your hp into a dumpster where it will be crushed) and will send you either a new (out of date)hp48 or an upgraded Hp48+ for a certain repair fee. I think it is about 50% cost of new item.

a phone # to try: 800-227-8164
or 970-392-1001 and just follow through the menues.

I have had better luck with the 970 area code number.

Best of luck.


Your best bet is buying an HP48GX (expandable, 128K RAM, about $150) or HP48G+ (not expandable, but also has 128K RAM, about $100) from Calcpro website www.calcpro.com. I have purchased from Calcpro several times and have talked on many occasions to their manager, Paul Nelson. If you purchase the HP48GX or HP48G+ from Calcpro along with the PC Connectivity kit, you usually get a discounted package deal. My HP48SX (purchased in June or July of 1992 from then Educalc) was having problems turning on about February or March of 1998. I purchased the HP48GX as part of a discounted package deal from Calculating Edge (which replaced EduCalc, and has since been replaced by Calcpro). My HP48GX is still performing well. I bought an HP48G (not expandable, has 32K RAM)from Educalc in 1995. Some packages loaded into it cause MODE menus to lock up (probably because of only 32K RAM). I would like to get an HP48G+ and PC Connecity kiit in the future, and plan it to be from Calcpro. Good luck!

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