82973 PC interface card


I have a chance to pick up a hpil-pc interface card. I was wondering if someone could tell me the things this would be good for. For example could I use it to allow my computers moniter to display output from my HP-71b. ect. Also does this card require software and is it hard to find. Thanks.


They usually require a real old, slow computer and don't run well on newer computers...


I have one of these too. I would be interested in getting the software for it since old slow computers are available and cheap these days.


Go to


Download the hpillink + hplink directories. Manuals are included.

There's also some other interesting stuff.


You can use the PC as a keyboard and display for the 71. Enter


You need a LEX file for the KEYBOARD IS command This LEX file is included in the FORTH/ASSEMBLER ROM and possibly in the TRANSLATOR PACK and also available seperately.

You also need the Software I point to in another branch of this thread. Manual for the card and Software is included as a text-file. This was the original distribution of the manual.

The PC can be used for file storage (I think somehow like the disk station). The card came out abt. 1984, so sorry, no Windows NT drivers. DOS 7 (included in WIN95,98) should work if the machine isn't too fast. It's long ago, I used the card, so I have to check this on a newer machine.

The card is also useful, if you have a HP110 (Portable) or a Portable plus.

I think it's some kind of useful for the 75 and 41 too, but don't know to what extent.

Email for more answers

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