where are we?


Does anyone know about this? http://clustrmaps.com/products.htm

If Dave thinks it is safe (i would really hate to be the one who found a way to crash the site), would it be interesting to know where people reading this forum are? Another question is; could it be stuck somewhere to keep it out of the way because the free version has an ad banner.

We know where i am: Martinez is the center of the world, but where are all of you?

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Fresno, CA (the other center of the universe)


Cheers Den!

Fourqueux, (Yvelines, France)

More modestly, the origin of our galaxy...



Hi all,

here is a question that I really wanted to ask for a long time, but without daring to do it.
Another thing which is also interesting to know about all of us here, is : "What's your job ?". I know if may be kind of inquisitive, but no one is obliged to answer.
In fact, more than the actual job, or the social level in society (correct ?), I think it would be interesting to know if someone is interested in calculators because he's a scientist, an engineer, or something like that, and then he uses one every day for his job, or if it's a hobby without any link with his job. (I apologize for my poor english writing, it's hawful !).

My answer to all of these questions and others asked before in the Forum :
I'm french, I live in the woods in a small village (which isn't the center of anything, but a nice region), I'm 40, I own 4 HP's (33C, 41C, 28S and 48GX), that I use quite every day (not the 4 at the same time :-) !) in my job, as a tehnician in car industry.
Hope it's interesting and will be followed.

Kind regards.




I live here:


that is, in the center of Italy, along the Adriatic sea.

I'm an electronic engineer and my current job is being a Project Portfolio Manager (in the electronic division of my company).

Best regards.



Hello Giancarlo!

According to Google Maps you do not live "along" the Adriatic Sea but, rather, "into" it :)

BTW: I spent one month in Fano in 1982 serving the Army



Hi Massimo.

Well, according to the current pollution level of the Adriatic, living "into" it would mean posting from heaven (or hell... >:-> ).

Actually, my house is just 2 hundred meters from the shore, so I *do* hope the global warming will restrain from dipping myself into the Adriatic :-(

Yes, Fano is just a 20 min. driving from where I live.

Best regards.



Hi all,

Just for the fun ;-)

28º 07' 57" N

15º 26' 14" W

Canary Islands.

Engineer at the Telephone Company, 48yo (eager for early retirement :-))

Lots of 41's (+25). I use one daily, the rest of them are mostly to check my projects functionality.

Some 71's waiting for me to have enough spare time to begin messing'em up with probes, scopes, and the like...




Oops, I simply forgot :

the name of the village where I live is Donnery, about 20 km far from Orléans, to the East.
(47°53'22.30''N ; 2°06'29.33''E exactly)


Theoretical nuclear physicist.


Glad to be among such admirable and excellent professionals.



What a rich tradition in math and theoretical physics, you and Jean Michel have there in France! And to be in education, standing "on the shoulders" of so many great men and women!

I am on Mobile Bay, Eastern Shore, about 88.5W, 30.5N; or 1.5 East of New Orleans, Katrina's eastern boudary - got the reference to Orleans, Jean-Michel. Schooled at Tulane and University of New Orleans. Would like to visit your part of France someday.already been to Paris a few times.

Would like to get a few threads on Relativity, Quantum, String, etc., plus other "Theoreticl" thoughts - would be kind of selfih of me since I would have little to contribute beyond some some good questions. If "y'all" are interested maybe we could get some stimulating chatter in a new subject.



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Jeffrey Davis
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mechanical Engineer
20+ HP calculators
Prefer the HP-41 all versions.


California, USA

Aerospace Structures Engineer

HP48, 33s, 42s.



I'm age 42, currently living in North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, and employed as a Software Engineer by a large telecommunications company whose logo looks like the Death Star from the original Star Wars movie. ;-)

When I think "home", I think of De Bilt, Netherlands.

I own a small collection of calculators (HP-25, 67, 15C, 42S, 48G; TI-58, 59, 58C) but I never use them since I spend all my day working with various computers (and of course I installed Free42 on all of them).

- Thomas



Here's a first summary:

db (martinez, ca) Martinez California USA
Fred Lusk Fresno California USA
Etienne Victoria Yvelines FRANCE
Jean-Michel L. Donnery FRANCE
Giancarlo Mattioni Montemarciano ITALY
Diego Diaz Canary Islands SPAIN
ECL California USA
Thomas Okken De Bilt NETHERLANDS

Best regards.




Please keep us updated at your leisure on the latest info.



Comodoro Rivadavia, República Argentina. Small city in the middle of the east coast of Patagonia Argentina.
I can not explain why my fascination with calculators.
I am Civil Engineer. I do not use them so much, because computers (desktop or laptops) are much more convenient if the calculation is beyond a couple of operations.
I own hp calculators because I like to have fine tools to do my job. I am not confortable working with cheap thinks.
Of course, it is now, when I am a profesional (40 years).
As a student, I used a cheap casio.


the capital of Planet Earth: New York City

... well, very close, anyway.

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Boise, Idaho (USA).

A well kept secret that's out of the bag now, as the growth is off the charts (and the gridlock is getting that way too!). Home to HP's printer division (the Lazer Jet was developed at the Boise site). Also, such international corporations as Boise Cascade, Washington Group (formerly Morrison Knudson), and Micron technology are headquartered here.

I work for Micron.

cheers, Hal


Trent Moseley, 80 years old. Retired engineer from The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. Live in Redwood City California for the last 50 years, on the San Francisco Peninsula. This is near db across the Bay in Martinez.



Brisbane, Australia

- Pauli


Birmingham, Alabama


HP-16C, HP-41CX, HP48GX

K+E 4081-3, Post VersaLog, Pickett N600-ES, etc.

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Hi, Martinez:

    Nam:  Valentin Albillo

Age: 49

Job: Senior Project Manager & Senior Engineer

Hob: Math, Programming, HP calcs, Sci-Fi, Audiovisuals, Chess, Science

Loc: Madrid (Spain)

Cal: Emu71

Best regards from V.

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Richard Garner

Twice as Nice, Twin City of Texarkana Arkansas/Texas. Known as the only city in the world where the dividing line between the 2 cities and 2 states is a City Street/Federal Highway, State Line Avenue. The Federal Courthouse/Post Office sits straddling the state line between the 2 states.

I work for the City of Texarkana, Arkansas as an Engineering Technician/Drafter/CAD-GIS Operator in the Public Works Department.

I use an HP 42S, HP 48GX on a daily basis.

I own or have owned 41CX, 42S, 48SX, 48GX, 28S, 15C, 20C, & 33S


Trinidad, West Indies.
41CV,41CX,4-42S, a couple 48GXs,48G+,33S and of course HP50G.
Land Surveyor and Lecturer at University of Trinidad and Tobago.
I am 40 but I feel like I'm 20 :). I'm Addicted to HP calcs. and 80's music.


Hi, Richard --

Twice as Nice, Twin City of Texarkana Arkansas/Texas. Known as the only city in the world where the dividing line between the 2 cities and 2 states is a City Street/Federal Highway, State Line Avenue. The Federal Courthouse/Post Office sits straddling the state line between the 2 states.

which is one of many "border oddities" between Canada and the US' New England region, which includes towns and even houses bisected by the border, which were platted or built prior to accurate surveying.

Er, yes, HP calculator-related content:

Click on the link for the Library and Opera House, and notice that the co-ordinates for Derby Line, Vermont is slightly north of 45 degrees North. I'd always assumed that the international border there was exactly 45 degrees. However, the Webster-Ashburton Treaty established the location 3/4 of a mile north of the line, so that a pre-existing U.S. fort would be on U.S. soil.

Convert the 45 degrees, 0 minutes, 20.81 seconds latitude of Derby Line to decimal using " 45.002081 ->HR ". Multiply the fractional part by 60 nautical miles per degree of latitude. Then, multiply by 1.15077714646 to obtain 0.39913 US statute miles, placing the Library and Opera House less than a half-mile north of the Derby Line location (presumably City Hall).

The ideal tool for this calculation is the HP-28C/S, with its fine units library with definitions and conversions. (Unfortunately, units cannot be attached to numbers, as with the HP-48/49/50.)

Regarding calcutions for surveying: If one does not wich to purchase specialized calculating software or tools, or the accessories for the HP-48/49/50 series, there are several less-expensive options:

  • HP-71 5061-7238 Surveying ROM
  • HP-41 Surveying Pac
  • HP-65 Surveying Pac

-- KS

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Originally from Vienna, Austria now New York City.

Physicist by training, now working in Finance.

Use a 41CY for work almost daily. Since recently also use a 71b (the 'culprit' for that change can be found among the Grandmasters here...) on a daily basis, though more for play and learning as I am still not very good with it (but I am getting better!)




Living in Flagstaff, Arizona (where it is fairly cool, unlike most people's perception of Arizona - we are at an elevation of 7000 feet!) My favorite place in the world, though, may be Green Bank, West Virginia - the original site of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

I'm a semi-retired Radio Astronomer.

In order of acquisition, I have HP35, 11C, 41CX, 38G (via eBay, I was faked out by the big "enter" key - thought it was RPN but it's algebraic!), 41C (via ebay), 32Sii, 42S, 48GX, and 33S (all acquired new except as noted). I used my Dad's 35 for 2 days straight to finish my thesis, then I had to get one of my own. I still use one of the 41's almost every day for both scientific and casual calculations.


29º 44' N
95º 26' W

You figure it out. :)

25 years old. I'm an electrical engineer by training, but I currently write software for the oil and gas industry.


Electrical Engineer in Vancouver, Washington, USA -- in same metropolitan area as "MoHPC headquarters".

The city and state are named for George Vancouver and George Washington, as are the better-known namesake North American cities.

Bought first RPN calculator (HP-15C) in 1983; started collecting in 2002 with HP-41CV, HP-34C, and HP-42S.

-- KS



No, not one of those Chinas; I'm about at the point of this green arrow, the center of my universe for longer than I can remember. There isn't anywhere that I'd rather be.

It's been about 500730 hours since I drew my first breath.

Metrology technician (quality assurance).

HP: 12C, 16C, 28C, 28S, 48SX, 48GX, 49G, 49g+, 50g, 82240A, 82240B

Sharp: EL-5520

Radio Shack: EC-4004

Lloyd's: E608


Edited: 18 May 2007, 2:43 a.m.


Rats! While I was playing around with the Radio Shack EC-4004 (re-badged Casio fx-3600P) the original CR2025 cell finally went dead. I know for certain that I used it in 1988, and perhaps a few years before that, so that CR2025 lasted about 20 years. But I'll grant that it's seldom been turned on since I got my hands on the HP-28S.




For work, normally a 48SX, but occasionally a 48GX.

For "real work" at home (when I just want to get some calculating done with no nonsense), either a 48SX or 48GX, whichever one is easiest to reach.

For just playing around with, most often the 50g now, but sometimes the 49g+ or 49G.

The Sharp is "interesting" and powerful, but I rather object to switching between "calculator" mode for ordinary interactive calculating and "basic" mode for writing and running programs, and of course, in calculator mode, it's an algebraic model.

The Radio Shack is interesting and powerful too, even though it's algebraic, and writing programs for it can be rather a challenge, but I'm often amazed at how much can be accomplished in just 38 program steps (but some things, such as storing a number into a constants register, count as only 1 program step, not 3 as might be expected).

The Lloyds is just a simple 8-digit 4-banger plus square root, %, +/-, and a memory register, but it's my oldest still-working calculator, and it still works with the original battery from about 1980.

I overlooked at least one, even though it's often in my shirt pocket, a Radio Shack EC-232. This is a thin solar-powered "credit card-sized" 4-banger with a membrane keypad. It's a pain in the neck to use, but the nice thing about it is that it fits in my shirt pocket so comfortably.




20 Km from Treviso

which is 20 Km from Venice.

-- Antonio


Hi all.

Here's a second update:

db (martinez, ca) Martinez California USA
Fred Lusk Fresno California USA
Etienne Victoria Yvelines FRANCE
Jean-Michel L. Donnery FRANCE
Giancarlo Mattioni Montemarciano ITALY
Diego Diaz Canary Islands SPAIN
ECL California USA
Thomas Okken De Bilt NETHERLANDS
Mark Paris Newport News Virginia USA
Ron Allen Mobile Bay Louisiana USA
Ricardo Guereiro Comodoro Rivadavia ARGENTINA
Ed Look New York New York USA
Hal Bitton Boise Idaho USA
Trent Moseley Redwood City California USA
Paul Dale Brisbane AUSTRALIA
Wayne Brown Birmingham Alabama USA
Valentin Albillo Madrid SPAIN
Richard Garner Texarkana Arkansas/Texas USA
PeterP Vienna AUSTRIA
Dave Shaffer Flagstaff Arizona USA
Eric Rechlin Bismarck North Dakota USA
Karl Schneider Vancouver Washington USA
James M. Prange China Michigan USA
Antonio Maschio Montebelluna ITALY

I did practice some geography because of some of you bad guys ;-)

Best regards.



Nice effort, Giancarlo !

    Just a couple of well-spirited suggestions:

    1. Sort the list, either by name or surname, I guess by name would be better

    2. Include also age, job, and calcs, as many people gave those data and they're pretty interesting as well.

    This could be the early stages of a proper 'Active Directory' of forum regulars :-)

Best regards from V.

Geir Isene => Oslo, Norway

web: http://www.geir.isene.com


Ok, a bit more here:

Age: 40

Occupation: CEO of FreeCode



A new update including some suggestions (still compiling tghe list for owned calcs :-)

=== ==== ============== ======= === ===
db (martinez, ca) Martinez California USA
Fred Lusk Fresno California USA
Etienne Victoria Yvelines FRANCE
Jean-Michel L. Donnery FRANCE 40 Technician in Car Industry
Giancarlo Mattioni Montemarciano ITALY 41 Project Manager
Diego Diaz Canary Islands SPAIN 48 Engineer at the Telephone Company
ECL California USA Aerospace Structures Engineer
Thomas Okken De Bilt NETHERLANDS 42 Software Engineer
Mark Wayne Paris Newport News Virginia USA Theoretical nuclear physicist
Ron Allen Mobile Bay Louisiana USA
Ricardo Guereiro Comodoro Rivadavia ARGENTINA 40 Civil Engineer
Ed Look New York New York USA
Hal Bitton Boise Idaho USA Works for Micron
Trent Moseley Redwood City California USA 80 Retired engineer from The Pacific T&T Co.
Paul Dale Brisbane AUSTRALIA
Wayne Brown Birmingham Alabama USA System Administrator
Valentin Albillo Madrid SPAIN 49 Senior Project Manager & Senior Engineer
Richard Garner Texarkana Arkansas/Texas USA Engineering Technician/Drafter/CAD-GIS Operator
Iqbal TRINIDAD&TOBAGO 40 Land Surveyor and Lecturer
PeterP Vienna AUSTRIA Physicist by training, now working in Finance
Dave Shaffer Flagstaff Arizona USA Semi-retired Radio Astronomer
Eric Rechlin Bismarck North Dakota USA 25 Electrical Engineer by training, currently writing sw for the oil and gas industry
Karl Schneider Vancouver Washington USA Electrical Engineer
James M. Prange China Michigan USA 57 Metrology technician (quality assurance)
Antonio Maschio Montebelluna ITALY
HrastProgrammer Zagreb CROATIA
Meindert Kuipers Oss NETHERLANDS
Vassilis Prevelakis Athens GREECE
GE FRANCE 42 In Finance but originally an engineer
Inigo Rodriguez Madrid SPAIN
Geir Isene Oslo NORWAY
Thomas Radtke Osnabruck GERMANY
Massimo Gnerucci Milano ITALY

Best regards.



Well, I'm 41 and I'm a civil engineer, with 75 calculators in the collection, and among these 17 HPs.

Just to update your table, Giancarlo!

-- Antonio

P.S. My father had your name.



I got your update!

Glad to hear your father's naming, sad for that verb *had* :-(




Sorry for Antonio's father, too.

Giancarlo, I have to admit that also my father is named like you...




This is GREAT! Thanks for all the work.

I second Valentin's suggestion that this somehow become a quick intro to the denizens of the forum.

Is there some way to make this updatable by each of us so you don't have to do all the work? (Probably not - somebody will trash it!) Actually, once the initial work is done, it might not be too much work to add new folks as they send you their details.

I would suggest instead of age (which changes!) that year of birth be used.

Maybe also a column for number/brands of calculators (like the recent round of such info) as well as a column for favorite(s).

PS for the current table, I'm 61.


Hi, Giancarlo:

Giancarlo posted (the underlining is mine):

    "A new update including some suggestions (still compiling tghe list for owned calcs :-)"

      I think that it should be calcs actually used at work rather than owned calcs. At least that is what was originally asked, and the first posters replied to that, myself included: obviously I do have 70 calcs, but the only one I use at work is Emu71.

      This would be much more interesting and IMHO preferable to a long list of calculators in everyone's collection. As the jobs are being included too, it's far more relevant and interesting to know that an astronomer, say, still uses an HP-41CX for work, than to know that he owns precisely such, and such, and such, and ... vintage calcs.

      Also, if at all possible, sort the list. It's very easy to do using a great variety of tools and applications, but all failing, issuing a simple SORT command in an MS-DOS box under Windows, like this:

            SORT  <  inputlist.txt  >  sortedlist.txt
      say (or a variant), will do the work.

    Thanks a lot for your efforts and

Best regards from V.


Massimo Gnerucci, Milano, Italy.
Age: 47
Job: System Administrator
Owned calcs: any handheld HP (more or less)
Preferred calc: HP-41
Used @ work: V41 (well, when you have to sum up something...)

Edited: 18 May 2007, 12:53 p.m.


Hello neighbours (Antonio, Giancarlo, Massimo) ...

I am still far enough (Zagreb, Croatia) from the Adriatic sea so I don't have to be affraid of global warming too much.

Age: 37

Job: Software Developer

Calculators used:

(3x) HP-48GX running HP-71X (with HP-IL emu), HP-42X, HP-41X (with HP-IL emu), HP-15X, HP-16E, HP-11E, HP-12E and TI-57E (in order of significance)

(1x) HP-48G expanded to 1280K running all above

(1x) HP-48G+ running HP-15E, HP-16E, HP-11E and TI-57E

(1x) HP-49G running HP-71X (with HP-IL emu)

Best regards.


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I live in the small city of Oss (Netherlands).



We are nearer than I thought! Probably, to go to Zagreb, I'd take less time than to go to Milano!

-- Antonio


Hi Zee... Nice to read you!



I live partly in Philadelphia, USA and Athens, Greece.

Here are my ICBM coordinates for Athens:

and this is a picture of me with the Acropolis of Athens in the background:



Living in France, 42 years young, in Finance but originally an engineer.

I own about 30 HP, most vintage LED and rarely (if ever) used, with exceptions like the HP41CV/CX (with an MLDL2000, thanks Meindert), HP71s and HP42Ss. No calculators are necessary at work, alas.

I collect this because of an early fascination for math and technology, doing so for the last 15 years.


Hi all,

Iñigo Rodriguez

Madrid, Spain

HP41, HP71, HP42.


Osnabrueck, Germany


Name: Les Wright

Age: 42

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Usual Job: Physician

Present Activities: Student, musician, temporarily retired man of leisure, mathematics and programming hobbyist, co-parent of many cats.

Calculators: HP 11C, 12Cp, 15C, 17bii, 14B, 28S, 33C, 34C, 32sii, 33S, 42S, 45, 65, 67, 80, 97, 48G, 49G+. 41CV and 41CX plus some peripherals (82143a, 82162a, wand, card reader, 82240B, HP-IL module, IR module, Math Pac, Stat Pac, Advantage Pac, XF and XM modules). Plus regular use of emulators/simulators (Free42, P41CX, Power48, Emu48, V41). None of calculators NIB, but some (like the 15C and 32sii) are in nearly new condition. All are fully functional, with card readers restored in the calculators that have them (many thanks as always to FixThatCalc.com).

Edited: 18 May 2007, 6:14 a.m.


San Mateo, California, USA. Systems Architect/Engineer for the company that invented TLAs. Age 51. 41C[VX], 71B, 42S, 12C, 15C, 16C, 11C, 12C Anniversary, 67, 97, 35, 45, 38C, 28S, 19BII, 18B, 75[CD], 48S[X}, 48G[X+], 49G, 49G+ 50G.


Edited: 18 May 2007, 10:20 a.m.


Trondheim, Norway (63 24N, 10 23E) about the same latitude as Nome, Alaska, although far milder climate thanks to the Gulf Current!

Retired architect and musician (72). Have only a 10C, 48SX and 48GX (plus a large collection of Aristo slide rules). Used to own a 41CX and a couple of other HPs, three Camb.Sinclairs, etc. etc.



A different short update:

================ ========
15 USA 46,9

Best regards.



Name: Frank Balzer

Age: 40

Location: Flensburg, Germany

Job: Physicist, working for an university in Denmark (nanotechnology, photonics)

Own about 70 HP calculators, on a daily basis I use an HP-33S.


...There must be a reason for the fact the average age is over 45.

HP, won't you gain even young guys rebuilding some of the old models with the old quality?

Are you listening?

-- Antonio


I guess I'll raise the average age a bit by adding mine; I'm 52.


Name: Tom Scott
Location: Lander, Wyoming, USA
Job: Retired physicist
Calculators: 6 HP & 1 TI

Hechingen, Germany


Nuclear physicist, for > 20 years in industry (R&D, QM)

Most of scientific HP calcs with the big ENTER key, plus some other models.

Edited: 18 May 2007, 3:41 p.m.


Location: Yorba Linda, CA

DOB: 1947

Occupation: Retired - Microwave Radar Technician


HP LED's 35ea - still missing the 70 and 27 models

HP LCD's 67ea - just about everything produced

HP HHC's 5ea - The 70, 94 & Expander series

HP Peripherals - Numerous

Other Brands 136ea

Commonly used - HP-41 - Hardware expandable and keystroke programming. IMHO no other "calculator" has ever come close to its capabilities or ease of use. If it can't be done by an HP-41 its time to fire up the PC.


Name: Paul Guertin

Age: 34

Location: Montreal, Canada

Job: math teacher

Calculators: 12 HP (21, 25, 41CV, 11C, 12C, 15C, 16C, 32S, 32Sii, 28S, 48GX, 71B) and a TI 92 Plus.


Mobile Bay is in Alabama - I went to college in New Orleans.

Retired from the computer business: IBM, REI, ITEL. STARTED WITH THE TI 59, my first programmable about 1975. First programs for demonstrations in the field included financial and operations analysis deriving workload projections using learning curves and ques based on reliability statistics for various equipment installed. Other uses of the hp line included statistical analysis in market research (mostly before laptops with significant storage). Now using the hp50g in my retirement as a hobby: projecting value of timber harvests, photography in such things as depth of field calculations, etc. and current pet is catching up on readings in theoretical physics.

Cities lived in during working career: Birmingham, Al, Anniston, Al, Huntsville, Al, New Orleans, La, Dallas, Tx, Frankfurt, Germany, Chicago, Il, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Ca, San Fancisco Bay area, Ca, Pensacola, Fl, Tryon, N.C., Montgomery, Al, and finally in Fairhope, AL, a neat village on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Reminds me much of the village of Carmel, California and the string of villages between San Francisco and San Jose: Palo Alto, Mountain View, Saratoga, Los Gatos, to name only a few. As Director of Product Assurance, I enjoyed the opportunity to live in Cupertino just a few blocks from HP.


Andrés C. Rodríguez
Electronics Engineer
IEEE Member since 1978

Working as IT Manager (not CIO) on a large company.

Age: 49

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Coordinates: 34° 37' 18.5 S; 58° 24' 09.0 W

(In case someone looks up my home in Google Earth, the big hole in
the next block was the works of a new metro (subway) line, soon to
start service - this proves Google Earth images are a couple of years dated)

Married (1983), 2 daughters (born in 1984 and 1989)

Very small collection: HP25 (2), HP27 on loan from a friend,
HP41C, HP42S, HP48GX, HP LX200, HP32Sii, HP10B, HP20S.
On my daughters backpacks: HP30S, HP32S
On my desk (I wouldn't miss it too much if it gets damaged or
lost): HP33S

I think this info should migrate to the Biographies forum, which
is more permanent and appropriate that the general forum.

Edited: 18 May 2007, 7:50 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


Location: JO65kv
Calulators: HP11c HP48gx
Occupation: Programmer, all from 10F200 to PC's


Jim Creybohm
Age 51
Duchess, Alberta, Canada
50.729610 -111.907436

Full time Petroleum Engineer
Part time musician, wire fox terrier walker, cat wrangler, cowboy, and full time dad.

Thanks to Randy, my 41, 42S, 12, 25 and 67 are humming along as good as ever.


Don age 68

Agriculture: My wife & I raise wheat, cattle and a small band of sheep. I live in Central Montana....closest neighbor is 5 miles (getting a little crowded, maybe time to think about moving) I have 3 or 4 41's and a load of 10B's and a 19B11. My work with calculators is nearly all finance. Definitely not high finance. Still use my 41C I bought in 1979. Still have my HP 85 I bought from Educalc in about 1980-82?

I feel like a square peg in a round hole on this forum with all you engineer types.




Went to School of Mines in Butte, and also ordered my 41CX from Educalc in '82 or 83. I remember being wowed as UPS delivered it in only 4 days! To my door!

I think the cost was around 250 USD. What I wouldn't give to have Educalc around today....

Still travel down annually to Anaconda to golf Old Works.


Hi Jim;

Sounds like we have alot in common. I was raised around the oil patch on the gulf coast of Texas in the 40's and early 50's. Spent a little time in the late 60's and early 70's buying oil & gas leases in the Powder River basin......didn't make any money. Am not a cat wrangler, but do have a 3 year old cocker spaniel who takes me for a long walk every day. And I have spent many days horseback in my younger years. Wanted to go to school at Colorado school of mines, but ended up at Denver University instead. Am not a golfer however.

best wishes



Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 48 (1959)

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Calcs: HP35(4), 80(2), 45(3), 55(2), 65(1), 67(1), 21(2), 22(1), 25(3), 29C(1), 41C(2), 41CX(2), 16C(1), 12C(1). One nonfunctional 41C Tall Key

Favorite: The 25 for sentimental value, the 67 for wow factor.

Edited: 18 May 2007, 11:56 p.m.


Place: Manchester, United Kingdom, Europe

Name: Ian Jackson

Age: 40

Occupational: Independent Nuclear Consultant (www.JacksonConsult.com)

HP Calcs: HP-12C, HP-32S, HP-14B (used regularly)

Backup HP Calcs: HP-10C, HP-11C, HP-17B, HP-19BII, HP-42S, HP-27S

Best wishes

Ian J


I'm French, living in Encinitas, California, north of San Diego.
Google eEarth says
33� 03' 42.38" N, 117� 15' 58.63" W
altitude 51m

Age 44, designing software and hardware for a semi-conductor company.
My first HP calculator was an HP43C, bought in 1981. I still own an HP15C from 1985, and in the past years acquired an HP41C and a 48G.

I'm also using Free42, x48 and Emu48 on various computers...

-- alain.


Age 29, living in Luxembourg, physics teacher.

I own "not too many" HP calculators. Several HP48GX's and HP49G's and some HP32sii's. I often play around with a HP42 and a HP97.

homepage: http://www.physique.lu


Hi all,

except if I made a mistake on a firstname (Marta ?), I didn't notice any woman in this long list...

"Où êtes-vous Mesdames ?" (Were are you, Madame ?)

On the contrary, lots of physicists...

Howerver that may be, all of this is sympathetic !




Name: Jeff Kearns

Born: 1965

Job: Engineering Manager and formerly a Marine Engineer

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Calculators: HP 33E, 41C, 15C, 32sii, 33s, 49G+, Free42, and P41CX for Palm

Main Calculator: HP 41C with Advantage Pac, Machine Design, MATH/STAT and Quad Mem. I also use the others regularly.

My main uses are for Finance, Applied Statistics, Calculus.


location: Rye Brook, NY -- 21 miles northeast of the true center of the world.

calculators: 100+ HP's, 275 or so others

age: right in there with the rest of this group

occupation: computer consulting, financial firms mostly

only claim to fame :) Google ranks my site number one when searching for calculator manuals wass.net

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Hello to all from NY ( NJ ) almost the center of the world, but ... just after Nantes :

Name : Antoine M. Couëtte

Age: 54

Job: Airline Pilot for a Cargo Company based in Milan Italy

Hobbies: Celestial Navigation, Navigation in general and maritime navigation in particular, Solar System Planetary Theories, HP41 Programming, " Baroque " Music ( i.e. European music between 1630 and 1760 ) , playing the organ or the piano, writing music, and of course ... long haul flying around the world

Loc: Nantes ( France ) @ N 47° 13' and W 001° 35'

Calculators : HP41X/Y/Z running on HP48GX and HP49G from HrastProgrammer, and Emu41 by Jean-François Garnier

Best Regards to everybody and in particular to Valentin since I " cut and pasted " the frame of your own answer.

Last Note : The simple fact that many of us - dwelling in quite different areas in the World - are ALL right in stating that they live in the center of the World is an extremely sound and strong proof that our Earth can be quite closely identified to a Sphere ...


(best regards from V)


Nenad Vulic

Split, Croatia

46 years old

Mechanical Engineer (www.crs.hr)


Who: Les Bell

City: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia

Age: 51

Job: Information security consultant, lecturer, author. Though I've taken a year away from most work to complete a Masters degree and (perhaps) start a PhD.

Calculators: Still have a 16C, 41CV, 41CX (with various peripherals & Pacs), plus a 48GX, all bought new. Over the years I've also had a 45, 65, 67 and 41C.

Hobbies: Flying, playing (well, trying to play) guitar.


--- Les



With most of your suggestions (date of birth instead of age, ordering, used calcs @ work):

==== ==== ============== ======== === === ==================
Alain Mellan Encinitas California USA 1963 Designing software
and hardware for a
semi-conductor company Free42, x48, Emu48
Alan Firth Calgary Alberta CANADA 1959 Electrical Engineer
Andrés C. Rodríguez Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 1958 Electronics Engineer 33S
Antoine M. Couëtte Nantes FRANCE 1953 Airline Pilot
Antonio Maschio Montebelluna ITALY 1966 Civil Engineer
Dave Shaffer Flagstaff Arizona USA 1946 Semi-retired Radio Astronomer 41
db Martinez California USA
Diego Diaz Canary Islands SPAIN 1959 Engineer @ the Telephone Company 41
Don Montana USA Agriculture 41C
Don Williams Yorba Linda California USA 1947 Retired - Microwave Radar Techn. 41
ECL California USA Aerospace Structures Engineer HP48, 33S, 42S
Ed Look New York New York USA
Eric Rechlin Bismarck North Dakota USA 1982 Electrical Engineer by training,
currently writing sw for the oil
and gas industry
Etienne Victoria Yvelines FRANCE
Frank Balzer Flensburg GERMANY 1967 Physicist 33S
Fred Lusk Fresno California USA
GE FRANCE 1965 In Finance but originally an engineer
Geir Isene Oslo NORWAY 1967 CEO of FreeCode
Gerson W. Barbosa Curitiba Paranà BRASIL Military technician sped-up 15C (2.2x),
Free42, Power48 on
the PalmTX.
Giancarlo Mattioni Montemarciano ITALY 1966 Project Manager 50G, 42S, 15C
Hal Bitton Boise Idaho USA Works for Micron
Howard Owen San Mateo California USA 1956 Systems Architect/Engineer
HrastProgrammer Zagreb CROATIA 1970 Software Developer
Ian Jackson Manchester UK 1967 Independent Nuclear Consultant 12C, 32S, 14B
Inigo Rodriguez Madrid SPAIN
Iqbal TRINIDAD&TOBAGO 1967 Land Surveyor and Lecturer
James M. Prange China Michigan USA 1950 Metrology technician (quality assurance)
Jean-Michel L. Donnery FRANCE 1967 Technician in Car Industry 33C, 41C, 28S, 48GX
Jeff Kearns Ottawa Ontario CANADA 1965 Engineering Manager and
formerly a Marine Engineer 33E, 41C, 15C,
32sii, 33s, 49G+,
Free42, P41CX for Palm
Jeffrey Davis Indianapolis Indiana USA Mechanical Engineer 41
Jim Creybohm Duchess Alberta CANADA 1956 Petroleum Engineer
John B. Mosand Trondheim NORWAY 1935 Retired architect and musician
Karl Schneider Vancouver Washington USA Electrical Engineer
Katie Wassermann Rye Brook New York USA Computer consulting
Les Bell Sidney New South Wales AUSTRALIA 1956 Information security consultant, lecturer, author
Les Wright Toronto Ontario CANADA 1965 Physician Free42, P41CX,
Power48, Emu48, V41
Mark Wayne Paris Newport News Virginia USA Theoretical nuclear physicist
Marta Programmer
Massimo Gnerucci Milano ITALY 1960 System Administrator V41
Meindert Kuipers Oss NETHERLANDS
Nenad Vulic Split CROATIA 1961 Mechanical Engineer
Patrick R LUXEMBURG 1978 Physics teacher
Paul Dale Brisbane AUSTRALIA
Paul Guertin Montreal CANADA Math Teacher
PeterP Vienna AUSTRIA Physicist by training,
now working in Finance 41CY, 71B
Ricardo Guereiro Comodoro Rivadavia ARGENTINA 1967 Civil Engineer
Richard Garner Texarkana Arkansas/Texas USA Engineering Technician/
Drafter/CAD-GIS Operator 42S, 48GX
Ron Allen Mobile Bay Alabama USA Retired from the computer business
Thomas Okken De Bilt NETHERLANDS 1965 Software Engineer Free42
Thomas Radtke Osnabruck GERMANY
Tom Scott Lander Wyoming USA 1947 Retired physicist
Trent Moseley Redwood City California USA 1927 Retired engineer from The Pacific T&T Co.
Valentin Albillo Madrid SPAIN 1958 Senior Project Manager &
Senior Engineer Emu71
Vassilis Prevelakis Athens GREECE
Walter B Hechingen GERMANY Nuclear physicist
Wayne Brown Birmingham Alabama USA 1955 System Administrator 16C, 41CX, 48GX

Hope the listing is not becoming too messy to be showed as a message...

I'm sorry but I'm not sure I'll be able to implement & maintain the list of calcs with favourites and so on...

Also the stats have been updated:

=============== ========
21 USA 47,1

Yes, it looks like a big, variegated family :-)

Best regards.



I hate to be the geek to point this out, but you can't reliably find a person's year of birth by subtracting their age from the current year! I'm 42 but I was born in 1964.

- Thomas



I got the point, but I had to make some assumptions because I had "mixed" figures (some years of birth and some ages).

However you and any other please feel free to point out any amendment you'd like to see

and I'll be glad to update the table accordingly :-)

Thank you and best regards.



Please add my data:

Name: Nelson M. Sicuro
City: Curitiba
State: Paraná
Country: Brazil
DOB: 1967
Job: Chief Software Developer at UFPR, electronics hobbyst
*Several HPs, mostly used: 15C, 42S (with 32K+32K RAM!!), 32S
*One HP-85A :D
*One sharp PC-1260 (updated to 16KB RAM) that I love and carry everywhere :D
Best regards,



Buon giorno Giancarlo,

please add 1954 as my DOB (though I gave you my age, but it was ambiguous).

Mille grazie!


Name: Richard Ottosen
Age: 55.973
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA. In the high plains at the edge of the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Occupation: Consulting in the design of small embedded computers.

Used every day: HP-41C (bought new and still looks and works that way).

RPN calculators owned: 41C with Quad Memory, HP32SII, 2 each DIY-RPN 25, DIY-RPN 33.
Non-RPN calculators owned: 2 each HP-6S, 2 each Sinclair Scientific.
Used to have: 2 each HP-25, HP-33, HP32S, Novus "programmable" scientific.

Bicycling the city and over mountain passes.
Making electronic gizmos.
Building RPN calculators.


a newbe from Goodyear; hello Flagstaff!


As Garrison Keillor once said; "ask a question, get an answer". In this instance; the answers were better than my question.

To Anntoine M. Couëtte: Ah, but Martinez is the center of the surface of the world. No place on earth is farther than 180 degrees around the spheroid from us. While this can be claimed by any other place, i thought of it first. "I leave the proof of this as an exercise for the reader".

To Giancarlo: You did a great job on that database. Next time one of life's riddles rears it's head; i'm calling you. The blank info for me is 1955, Surveyor & Licensed Engineering Contractor, 41cx.


To Anntoine M. Couëtte: Ah, but Martinez is the center of the surface of the world. No place on earth is farther than 180 degrees around the spheroid from us. While this can be claimed by any other place, i thought of it first.

...but since the Earth is flattened at the poles, the North Pole has a better claim to be the center of the surface of the Earth. And if you limit your possible destinations to dry land, you'd probably have to pick a spot somewhere in the Middle East. (Update: Egypt, actually.) (Another update: Turkey, actually -- I should have read that web page more carefully the first time around!)

It's all moot, anyway. Everybody knows New York is the center of the universe. ;-)

- Thomas

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It's all moot, anyway. Everybody knows New York is the center of the universe. ;-)

Yeah but, you know, Roma: Caput Mundi(1), Urbs Aeterna(2). Omnes viae Romam perducunt(3)...

Sorry... I couldn't resist ;) just a way to show off all that latin I had to study!


References (and translation) in english: (1) (2) (3) Even though I was born there I now live here:
Milano, fashion capital... :(

Edited: 21 May 2007, 1:28 p.m.




Ciao Massimo,


This has not to do with Rome being the Capital of the World, but might be a good reason for anyone who was born there never leave ;-)




Nice one Gerson!
For the interested reader have a look at this and other palindromes here.

Ave atque vale,



Name: John Keith

Age: 48

Location: Chicago, Il, USA

Occupation: Sculpture fabrication and computer consulting (graphics/video/animation)

Hp calcs owned: 11C, 16C, 42S, 49g+, 50g, 71B, 200LX

Used to have: 28S, 48SX, 48GX (died) 15C (lost)

Other brands: none

Use every day: 50g



My home base according to Google Maps: 48.529853 (North), 9.035555 (East), in Tuebingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Status : 44 years old (born 1962), married, one child

Occupation: Part time aerospace engineer (CAD/CAM software development), part time commercial pilot (air taxi, express cargo & flying instruction)

Interests : Horses and riding, astronomy, photography, calculators, ...

Preferred calculator: Apple Titanium PowerBook (sorry... not the right place to confess ;-) )

Favourite singer : M... no, no more confessions here!

Greetings, Max

Edited: 21 May 2007, 11:16 a.m.

Here are my coordinates:

Name: Achim Buerger

Age: 49

Location: Duesseldorf, Germany

Occupation: IT-Manager (former physicist)

Calculators: several HP9810,9820,9830,9831,9825,9845,85, HP&TI pocket calcs

Hobbies: Aviation (PPL-A), JAVA programming (HP9800 Emulator), astrophysics

this is a fun project ... to contribute:

location:    Seattle, USA, Earth
YOB: 1970
occupation: computational biologist
HP calcs: 12c, 15c, 16c, 48sx (formerly: 48gx, 28s, 28c)



Olivier, 46yr-old, used to be a salesman in computers (Tandy, DEC, NeXT, Compaq, HP,...)

I'm located in Levallois-Perret, close suburb of Paris (N-W).


Here's a view on my collection: http://calc.treger.net (around 50 calcs all together)


Hi all.

You can find the most updated version of the "database" here:

Form Contributors Database

I tried to consider all your suggestions and/or amendments.

If I didn't succeed, it's my fault, even though in good faith :-) so please feel free to issue any RFA (Request for Amendment) and I'll tak care of it.

Thank you for contributing.

Best regards.


To fill some gaps:

YOB: 1967

JOB: Physicist

Calcs used at work: Currently an OEM Sharp scientific (no one ever steals a calc like that) at workplace #1, 32SII, 48G and TI-66 at workplace #2 (my home)



Please update:

Year of birth: 1926

HP calcs owned: HP-25C, HP-31E, HP-67, HP-12C, HP-15C, HP-16C, HP-32Sii, HP-33S, and an HP-42S.

Thanks. I would of done this by e-mail but it's having problems right now.



got your point.


Best regards.


WOW, suddenly found myself with a new job and new calcs! The infor probably belong to a friend one line above or below me ....

Let me correct my information:
Name: Meindert Kuipers
Birthyear: 1960
City: Oss
Country: Netherlands
Coordinates: appr. 51°46'38 N 5°31'9 E
Profession: Project Manager (Embedded Hardware)
Calcs: 4* HP41, HP16C, various accessories, MLDL2000
Other Hobbies: iceskating, inlineskating, astronomy and my family (1 wife, 2 kids, 1 cat)



*you* are absolutely right and *I* was wrong :-)

The info referred to Nelson.... Apologise for that to both of you!

Updated the info and uploaded a revised file.

Thanks for pointing that out and a special cuddle for your cat (it's my favourite kind of pet as well).

Best regards.


Some update on me:

YOB: 1966
Calcs used @ work: HP-41CX, HP-97, HP-67, HP-19C, HP-37 (in that order)


Calcs used at work: 15C, 50G


Giancarlo, thank you for the care you put on this project!.

While I use a 33S at my office (I need RPN, and don´t want to risk or wear out my older machines), I would add I also use v.41 and Free42 as day-to-day calculators. I think both deserve the title of "calculators" in this context.

Hi Andres.

Got your info!

Thank you for your kind words that I do appreciate :-)

Best regards.


Name: Miki Mihajlovic

Where: Calgary, Canada, N51 07 47.0 W114 09 08.4

Job: Petroleum Engineer

Age: 46

Calcs: 41s, Voyagers, Classics, Curtas

Hobbies: Wasting time and money

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Good Morning!

Name: Larry Corrado

Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin USA (on the western shore of Lake Michigan)

Age: 64

Number of HP's: 26

Other calculators: about 100 TIs, other electronics; Curta II (from my sports car rallying days), misc slide rules, abaci, Napier's bones, calculatoria

Occupation: retired professor: physics, computer science

My first HP was an HP-25 in 1977, which I used virtually daily until I retired in 2002. It was then that I found a dusty HP-22 in a secondhand store, cleaned it up, and began collecting calculators.

Best regards to all,


I live here 50°45'5.54"N, 4° 7'33.93"E and am a Finance Director. I'm 39 years old. I use a 41CX on a daily basis for number crunching. I alos use my brains for simple add/substract numbers on the screen as it takes less time to calculate mentally than loosing the line you were to type the numbers.

Cheers !

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