50th Anniversary Display Issue


Over the years, I have come across only one each of the 14B and 32S 50th anniversary models. In both cases, the display is very dark and hard to read, and you can see some of the printing on the back of the LCD. I looked at the pictures here on the museum, and the display looks normal. Has anyone else here seen this? How common is this variant?


Hi Ron,

I have an HP-32S and HP-14B 50th Anniversary and use them regularly. The display is pretty clear, but of course you can adjust the contrast by holding down both the ON key and the + key (display gets darker) or the ON key and the - key (display gets lighter).

Ian J


Hi, Ian. Thanks for the note. I'm aware of the contrast adjustment. On these two units, you have to make it really dark just to differentiate the numbers from the background. The whole display is dark. I've seen lots of bleeding screens, and this doesn't appear to be from bleeding screen either. I would say I'm 99% sure it's a manufacturing or design irregularity... Or a regularity, if there are a lot like this.


Ron, don't get me wrong, but did you check the batteries? It was my immediate idea when reading your post...


Thank you for the suggestion, Walter. It's not a battery issue though. The LEDs are not dim. The whole display is dark, and somewhat transparent. If I ever get my lawn mower fixed, maybe I'll find time to post a picture. I'm really not looking for a fix though, as I'm sure it's a mfg/design variant. I was just wondering how common it is. So far, it looks like I have the only two in existence. :^) Of course, this means I'll still have to find one of each in the more common configuration.


The displays on my 50th anniversary 14B and a near-mint 32sii are just fine.

Indeed, the least satisfactory display I have seen on the Pioneers must belong to the nearly-canonized 42S. For this reason, virtually all of my 42S-type work is done under Free42.


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