How many calculators do you have?


Just curious :)


Hi, Geir:

HP 20

Best regards from V.


Hi, Geir:

     HP        17 

-- Antonio

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New-in-Box Stored Away; HP-10C, HP-11C, HP-12C, HP-17B, HP-42S, HP-32S 50th Anni, HP-14B 50th Anni, HP-19BII; (8 HPs stored)

Regular Daily Use Mint; HP-12C, HP-32S 50th Anni, HP-14B 50th Anni (3 HPs daily)

Occasional Monthly Use; HP-42S, HP-27S, HP-19BII (3 HPs monthly)

Grand Total:
14 HPs

I'm clearly over-compensating for something.... On the other hand, my view is that one day the 'new but vintage' old school HPs will all be gone, so its better to have a few extra and not need them, than need them and not have them eh?

Ian J


Hi Geir.

HP 19

TI 1






Best regards.


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> How many calculators do you have?

More every day :-)


     HP    :  40
non-HP: 390
Total : 430

Greetings, Max

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Hi, Geir:

     HP       50+
Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Yes, I do have HP calculators....


I love it, Matthias!!


I'd be curious to the number, though...


HP     216+
TI 18
Sharp 7
Other 10+
Total >250



Hello Geir and others,

HP 29
Other 5

Best regards, Anders



  HP: 28
+ TI: 16
= 44


HP 19Bii
HP 17Bii *2
HP 48G
HP 48G+ *2
HP 48GX *4
HP 32Sii *2
HP 12C

HP 42S coming...

Total: 13 HPs +1...


I don't have a precise number, but it's in the neighborhood of 400, not all of them HP's.


Too many!



(I nominate the above post for the best answer so far)


Not nearly enough!


Why do you ask?


Do you find the size of your collection significant?



(There is only one real calculator.)


. . . well, it's not merely a calculator -- it's more of a calculating system.

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  1     3


That's not a calculator!


How much money do you have?


I could afford a lot more if it weren't for that Cobubba character!


Understand I don't. Ask that you could order proper in please?




I feel like an amateur…I only have ten:
HP-35 (bought from my dad when he upgraded to the HP-45; I used this in high school)
HP-55 (my first new HP; I used this high school and college)
HP-34C (I used this in college and my first two years as a civil engineer)
HP-41C (this is my dad's old machine)
HP-41CX (I sold an HP-41CV+TIME+XFUN to a younger engineer and bought this as an upgrade; I used this machine regularly until about 1995)
HP-42S (I bought this in 1988 and it's still my primary calculator)
HP-48G (I bought this for $25 when the local Office Depot was dropping high end HPs; my son now uses this in college)
HP-48G+ (I bought this display model for $35 when Office Max was dropping high-end HPs)
HP-33Sii (I bought this when I learned HP was stopping production; this is my primary calculator at home)
HP-10B (I won this in a contest and use it only once in a while)



11 enter X


35 HP

142 TI

15 APF

28 Casio

17 Lloyds

21 Rockwell

49 Sharp

45 Unisonic

192 Other electronic calculators

173 Slide Rules

22 Mechanical Calculators (Friden, Addometer, Magic Brain, etc.)


No duplicates, most purchased second hand
31 HP
65 TI
13 Commodore
42 Casio
6 Rockwell
40 Sharp
~80 Other electronic calculators
no Slide Rules
8 Mechanical & electromechanical Calculators (Facit, Olivetti, Marchant, etc.)
Puts me in the lower league here !!


HP ENTER 41 x TI ENTER 4 x x<>y


I have 8: HP-25, 67, 15C, 42S, 48G; TI-58, 59, 58C.

I never actually use any of them any more...

- Thomas


TI's: 4 TI36X (2 NIB), 2 TI36XII (NIB), 2 TI81 (NIB), 1 TI30 (The first one)

HP's: 2 HP48GX's, 1 HP48G, 1 HP41C, 1 HP41CV, 3 HP33S's (2 NIB), 2 HP10bii's (1 NIB), 1 HP42S


15 hp calcs. The others are not qualified as "calculators". /cfh


2k+ (duplicates not included)
(and yes, there is no real way of displaying them, most of them are stored in boxes)


Your old web site displayed quite a few pictures, I think it would be nice to put it back on line as it was, at the moment there is nothing available at your site (may be wrong).


Wow 2k+!

I'll see you in the CCA (calculator collectors anonymous) 12-step group I guess :) I'll be the person in the back of the room sheepishly admitting to having around 400 about 1/3 of which are HP's.


All nine of my HP's that I own were purchased brand new. This does not include two (also brand-new) that I gave away to people in my family many years ago

Gifted an HP-11C to a dear friend who is now deceased, and an HP-48GX to a grand-nephew, ulterior motive there, I can't stand RPL.

What's left: HP-25C, HP-31E, HP-67, (the card reader works thanks to people in the Forum), HP-12C, (a newbie compared to the rest), HP-15C, HP-16C, HP-42S, HP-32II, and an HP-33s.



5(rpn) enter 1(basic) + 1(aos) +

still equals 5 in my book since the latter two are only good for keeping papers from blowing away in a breeze.

two more were given to me by their original owners when they retired - and boy howdy were those calcs used!

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Of my 35 HP's only three were purchased new -- an HP-11c and two hp33s's where the second hp33s was purchased at a clearance sale at Wal-Mart for twenty dollars.

I got my HP-28S at a garage sale from an owner who was totally disgusted when he lost all his files while fumbling with the battery compartment cover during battery replacement, and to quote his exact words "I just want to get the damn thing out of my sight". Actually, I kind of like the 28s but the battery compartment cover is a piece of garbage.

I got one of my four HP-41's for a dollar at a thrift store where it (and a TI-59 which I also got for a dollar) had been thrown in a bin with the used TV remotes and was being sold at the same price as the remotes. That tells you just how cloistered we calculator nuts really are.


That tells you just how cloistered we calculator nuts really are.


Just a few:

8 HP12C (many types...)
1 HP14B
1 HP15C
1 HP16C
1 HP28S
1 HP41C (the very first one of mine, 1982)
1 HP41CX
1 HP42S
1 HP48SX
1 HP48G
2 HP48G+
2 HP49G
1 HP82240B

New models (no HP 'core'): HP10BII,..., HP48GII, HP49G+, HP50G.


Luiz (Brazil)


I purchased new:

one (1) 11c

four (4) 32sii

two (2) 30s

three (3) 33s

two (2) 17bii

four (4) 20s

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All of mine were purchased brand new.


All of mine were purchased brand new.

So were mine, just not by me.


Well, although you can check on I'm proud to list them:

HP-35: 2, HP-45: 3, HP-10: 1

Second Generation:
HP-67: 3, HP-97: 2

HP-21: 5, HP-25: 2, HP-25C: 1, HP-27: 1, HP-29C: 1, HP-19C: 1

HP-31E: 1, HP-32E: 2, HP-33E: 2, HP-34C: 3, HP-38E: 1, HP-38C: 2

HP-41C: 1, HP-41CV: 1, HP-41CX: 1, 82104A: 1, 82240A: 2, 82143A: 2, 82153A: 1, 82160A: 1, 82106A: 1, Financial module (don't know PN)

HP-12C: 1, HP-12C Platinum: 1, HP-16C: 2

HP-71B: 1

HP18C: 1, HP-28C: 1, HP-28S: 1

HP-14B Anniversary: 1, HP-17BII: 1, HP-17BII+: 1, HP-20S: 1, HP-32SII: 3, HP-42S


Canon: 2

TI: Voyage 200, TI83Plus

Slide Rules: many. Aristo, Graphoplex, Faber-Castell, Pickett and others


My focus is what I consider the "golden era" of HP calculators -- mature and (mostly) well-engineered and -documented products introduced between 1979-1993. This era includes the the HP-41, the Spice, Voyager and Pioneer series, all Saturn-processor models, all original RPL-based models, and the Champion series.

I do also have a few HP models from outside that period, as well as a few non-HP's -- all but one of which are "low-end":

Classic (1971-74):  35

Spice (1978-79): 34C (3)

Coconut (1979-83): 41C, 41CV, 41CX

Voyager (1981-82): 10C, 11C (2), 12C (2), 15C, 16C

BASIC computer: 71B (+ Math)

Pioneer (1988-91): 10B, 14B, 17B, 17BII, 20S (2), 21S, 22S, 27S, 32S, 32SII (2), 42S

RPL-based (1988-99): 28C (2), 48G, 49G

Other (ahem) "HP": 33S, 6S

Other makes:

Casio fx-3600P, fx-115MS
Texas Instruments TI-30 (LED), TI-36X, TI-82
Sharp EL-520R
Rockwell 18R
Le World scientific


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Hi, Karl:

    Nice collection you have, but I've noticed some unexpectedly missing models, IMHO, namely:

          HP:  HP-25/25C, HP-67, HP-28S

    The HP-67 I can understand, as it's a most difficult model to get, but HP-25 and HP-28S are both quite affordable, and both deserve to be collected, owned, used. If you haven't still read my "Long Live the HP-25!" on-line PDF article (freely available for download at my calc web site), please do, so that you can see for yourself why I'm being so enthusiastic about this particular model and why it is such a worthwhile, oustanding calc.

    As for the HP-28S, I see you've got two 28C, so it might seem redundant to own one. However, the 28C was so incredibly limited by its ridiculous RAM (relatively much worse than an HP-41C with no RAM modules) that you really couldn't use its many revolutionary capabilities to the fullest, far from it, while you can with the 28S model and its 32 Kb RAM (vs about 1.5 Kb for the 28C).

    As you know, I don't like RPL at all, but the 28S is the one and only RPL model in my collection because of its revolutionary nature and because it's obvious that a lot of thought and love were put into its design. But in order to fully realize its potential it absolutely needs RAM, which the 28C simply utterly lacks. Get a 28S, and enjoy dealing with large symbolic expressions, large
    complex-valued matrices, and many-term Taylor series expansions, while learning or practicing RPL in a comfy environment to your heart's content, with no annoying "Low RAM!"-type messages constantly appearing and ruining your concentration and ultimately your enjoying this calc.

    As for other makes, I'm really surprised that you don't have any BASIC-programmable SHARP handhelds at all, nor any of the really beautiful early alphanumeric fully-algebraic calculators, such as the EL-5100 or EL-5101. I would very heartily suggest that you try and get some of them, namely:

          SHARP:  PC-1211 (or 1212), PC-1262 (or 1261,1260),
    PC-1360 (or 1350), PC-1403H, PC-1475
    PC-E500S (or E500), PC-1421 (financial!)
    Some of these are very easy and inexpensive to get (PC-1350/60,
    for instance), others are less so (PC-1421), but all of them
    are revolutionary in some aspect, in ways that HP models of
    the time weren't, while HPs had of course other high-points
    that some of these SHARP models lack.

    All in all, both makes are highly complementary, and I guess that such a
    connoisseur as yourself would be very pleased to get to know
    and own some of these SHARPs, you'll probably be amazed at what you've
    been missing ! :-)

Best regards from V.


Hi, Valentin --

The "how many calculators do you have" thread has been introduced several times within the past four years. For everyone's reading enjoyment, here are several links:

Dec 2003 (Archive 14):

Oct/Nov 2005 (Archive 15):

Within the 2005 thread is a remarkably-similar exchange we had, concerning Sharp Pocket Computer models and the HP-28C/S:

KS: "Re: HP Collection"

VA: "Re: HP Collection"

KS: "Sharp pocket computers (and other topics)"

VA: "Sharp pocket computers (and other topics)"

as well as my comments on the HP-25 and HP-67, in response to the comment of another:

KS: "Woodstocks *are* golden"

My stance really hasn't changed. I probably ought to get one or two of the fine Sharp models from the 1980's for collection purposes, if not to undertake thorough exploration thereof.

I do also have some capable ROM's and accessories for the HP-41 and HP-71, which could certainly keep me occupied with challenging projects if I chose to indulge the time. That's probably why I don't actively seek to pursue a "different direction" in hobbyism...

Best regards,

-- KS

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Hi, Karl:

Karl posted:

    "The "how many calculators do you have" thread has been introduced several times within the past four years. For everyone's reading enjoyment, here are several

      Thanks for the links. I don't usually store or keep track of past threads so I'm prone to repeat myself from time to time, not remembering that I've already discussed that particular topic with that particular person a number of years ago.

      My bad no doubt, but I'm not for frantically searching the archives for each and every topic I want to post something about in order to avoid redundancies so I'll have to live with it.

      As for you, next time you notice I'm repeating myself please simply ignore my posts.

Best regards from V.

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