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I recently bought a Sharp PC-1500, with an uninstalled 8 KB Ram module. I unscrewed the back cap where 4 AA batteries reside, but I don't know how to open the little cover of the RAM slot.

I dare not unscrew all the seven/eight screws on the back (since I
suspect this is the only way), but if I receive some reassuring news,
I'll do it (I want my PC to be enhanced, after all). The RAM slot cover has a little hole in which a hinge could go for pressure, but I was not able to open it, and it seems not separated from the rest.

What about it?

-- Antonio


Just pull the lid of the module-slot!

Edit: I found it useful to unscrew and disassemble the unit. If you use rechargeables, you can adjust the contrast that way. And if the speed of the clock is wrong, you can clean and adjust it this way.

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I did it just a minute after posting.

Thanks a lot for your words.

-- Antonio


Hi Antonio,

The PC-1500 is a great computer. Did you also get the four pen color plotter/printer with it? The PC-1500 was my first pocket computer - I think I paid over $700 for it with the printer/plotter. The hard part is finding the pens - Last year I bought a set of color pens from a person in Italy on e-bay. They worked great.

Be sure to check out the following site:


There's a great emulator and also some utilities to convert cassette files to WAV, binary and text files.

Have fun with it.


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