My Hp 50g is giving answers in fractions!!


How can I set my calculator so that it gives quotient answers (ex. 234/43) in decimals instead of fractions?? Please help.


..unpaid volunteers who donate hours of their time to provide information and assistance..

This is how the contributors to this forum are described in Dave's MoHP website terms of use. You will find the description accurate in that nearly all the folks who post here (except for a small minority who use it only as a means of public complaint) are happy to help, but you need to do SOME work yourself.

This involves YOU reading the manual before posting Chapter 3 level questions. You will see this idea less politely suggested in other threads by the acronym "RTFM" which I will not expand upon.




Yeah I found the solution actually. Does anyone know how to make the edit function automatically go to the equation writer? thanks.


see comment above RE the manual, except start in chapter 2. FYI, You may find it useful to not read the table of contents, since that might tell you which page not to read before posting another question. :-) I am responding to your second question, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but your 4 posts this week have all been answered with a similar plea to do your own homework before asking others for help.

In response to your 10 may question

Quote: SOME work yourself... read the manual (link provided)...

in response to your may 7 question:

Quote: could do that [yourself].. Have you tried reading the fine documentation?..

in response to your 5 may question:

..First off, be sure to have the HP 49g+ & 48gII_Advanced User's Reference Manual (links provided)..

Edited: 11 May 2007, 2:03 a.m.



the [v] (cursor-down), auto-edit feature, is context-sensitive, meaning it will activate the best suitable editor according to the object being edited: matrix writer, equation writer, command line... I do not remember if this is actually possible to change, meaning that if you have an algebraic in level one, [v] key will cause the equation writer to be activated.

Hope this answers your question.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 11 May 2007, 6:27 a.m.


can someone help me/ everything i type is lowercase. i also can't get any characters printed at the top of my keys to show up.

other question. i thought this calculator was made by hewlett packard but i see hp everywhere. what is this hp/


Now, now...


Well, he didn't learn from the first exchange.


So the rhetoric needs to expand or he/she will never learn.

It's one thing to be thought ignorant in life. It's another to open one's mouth and remove any doubts.




I just want to add my 2cents worth here. I bought my 50G this weekend and I agree with you - RTFM!!! It's a good thing to setup the calculator for the first time before you "work" with it. It gives you a feel for the operations and how the calculator handles. People want to be spoon fed. I hate that kind of life!!!!


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