hp 35 chrome trim question


someone wrote with a question about a 35 i am flogging on ebaby. he wanted to know if the chrome trim is worn off & missing or never was there at the top. i know there were different patterns but not what they were. is there someone lurking here i could send a photo to who would know?


I've never seen one without chrome, at least what was left of it...


All of the 35's should have two rows of chrome trim, one thicker than the other. This is a chrome finish over plastic and wears off especially around the on/off switch.


Dave has a picture of one with only one row of chrome here comparing it to the others. I was wondering if there was a no-chrome-on-the-top-row version. Probably not. The previous owner may just have erased it off so it didn't look worn in one spot.

The one i'm offing has no chrome on either of the top rows. The topmost row is not even smooth under magnification like the chromed areas; it's mottled but not so much as the rest of the body.

Thanks for the input Randy and Dan. It's not really a big deal to me but as i said; somebody asked and i thought i'd find out. I told him to read this thread so he will know as much as i do. God help him if that's all he knows.

Besides; it's hard for me to see that area with all that glaring light from the red dot on the on switch blinding me.

just kidding.

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I presume we are talking about this auction? Certainly appears to be an HP35 version 4 with the one and only top chrome trim bar either completely worn off or intentionally removed. For more info, see item 4 here, below the HP-35 Versions and Bugs heading.


Yep I stand corrected, 4th version had 1 row of chrome. I see I'll just have to add one of those to my collection. ;)

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