Resetting when changing batteries?


I've just changed the 4 AAA batteries and somehow everything (the text, everything in MODE) turned to default! How come it resets the memory like this? What do you need to do to avoid this defaulting when changing batteries?


Just so you know, this forum is mainly dedicated to older "collector" models. Sure, most people on here have some newer calcs, but the best place for 50G discussion is probably the newsgroup: comp.sys.hp48 (which can be conveniently accessed here - ) You will generally receive many more answers there, and can conveniently search thousands of messages.

As to losing your settings, the only way that should happen if you changed the 4AA batts is if you don't have the backup memory battery (the "watch" battery) installed or if it were dead.



This is no comfort after the fact, but I would suggest investing in a smaller size SD card (they are very cheap these days) and learning how to back up your home directory using ARCHIVE and how to store your flag settings to a variable that can also be backed up. That way, you can restore your lost settings if this happens again.

I have a 49G+ and refresh my NiMH AAAs with a rapid charger. I find that during the max 10 minutes this takes the calculator memory remains unmolested, so I guess my backup wafer battery is still fine. Sounds like yours is not, alas.


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