HP 41 Printer Battery Pack 82033A replacement


Would like to know what rechargeable batteries are recommended to replace dead batteries in HP 82033A Rechargeable Battery Pack that is dead and no longer chargeable.


Ebay seller waterhosko makes his own and even though they aren't aesthetically perfect (he uses styrofoam "casing" to provide bulk and snug fit in place of the original plastic case) the price is good--$27US plus a modest shipping charge.

Randy at FixThatCalc.com will refurbish your existing dead pack for $33US, which includes return shipping within the US. You do have to factor in the cost of shipping the dead pack to him, but he does try to use the highest rated NiCads he can find so the extra cost vis-a-vis the waterhosko packs is probably well justified.

I have one of each which I use interchangeably in my HP97 and 82143 printer. Both really seem to work very well.

There are other alternatives out there. I believe some folks have fashioned their own packs with NiMH cells, and even though they take forever to charge within the printer or calculator they do have certain advantages over NiCads--longer life, less environmental nastiness.


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