HP-95LX internals


I resently got a HP-95LX with power-on problems. The problem is, that I get the messages; "Main Battery Low" and "Back-Up Battery Low" at each power-on, no matter if the batteries are new... Does anyone know if this is a defective resistor or capacitor, and where to find it inside?
Regarding the ROM, i know of the hidden _SYS directory. Is there any other hidden thinges in the HP-95LX? The appearance of some *.PCX files in ROM amazes me, when there is no reader for thoose files...
I'ved tried to make my own config.sys and autoexec.bat, but it dosent seem to work...
Does anyone know where to find good inside information about this great DOS computer?

Thank you!


look at http://www.palmtop.net/

there is a mailing list HPLX-L, you just have to sign up to post your questions.

Hope this helps


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