HHC2007 in London, October 13-14, 2007


Some news from Wlodek:

13-14 Oct 2007,
location is Imperial College, London again,
Themes include HP-35 35th anniversary and other HP calc anniversaries,
HPCC 25th anniversary, etc


Very little has, AFAIK, been formalised yet, but I believe this will be a much less formal affair than the previous 2-day conferences.

The HPCC committee have decided that as the 1-day 'mini-conferences' were enjoyed by everyone who attended, then this event should be a 2-day 'midi conference', in much the same style. A handful of talks on HP calculators and related topics given by people who truely love the machines (and the aspect they're talking about). I believe it will be free for HPCC members, no idea what the policy is on non-members attending.

I think that members will have to organise their own food and accomodation, the club is not doing this.

I believe there will be no proceedings, rather summaries of the talks will be printed in Datafile (HPCC journal)


What would be the best London area airport to fly into and out of? I'm itching to spend some frequent flyer miles. 8) Any recommendations on hotels? (I know London is regarded as expensive. I'd like to spare my budget in spite of that, if possible.)



Howard, you can always spend from frequent flyer miles to fly ME to London.

Big :-)

See you in San Diego!


I'm looking forward to attending both meetings. The only thing that could mess up my plans would be some customer requirement I couldn't schedule around the travel. But sorry, you can't have my miles even if that happens. 8)



The last time I was at Imperial College :-) I had a very pleasant and relatively inexpensive stay at the Baden-Powell House. This is a hostel -and more- run by the Scouts ("Boy Scouts") in London. It is adjacent to both Imerial College and the Subway stop from Heathrow. It helps, price-wise, if you are a "member of the Scouting family," but it is not necessary. The worst of it was I didn't have any extra time to hang out there. I instead lollygagged around with a bunch of calculator nerds, go figure.

The accomodations were clean, comfortable, friendly, well-priced, etc, etc. Very nice.

I don't know the details, but was clued in by somebody on the plane, to avoid the "Heathrow Express" if you arrive at Heathrow airport and are going to go near Imperial College. Yes, it is much more expensive and moves faster, but it drops you off at Paddington Station which is at least one train/subway transfer away from where you want to be. And, if it is morning rush hour when you get there, which it easily can be, and if you have one or more pieces of luggage with you, and if you are tired from being on an airplane all night, you are far better off taking the much cheaper and slower Subway from Heathrow directly to your destination. I have no idea about public transportation options at any of the other London airports. Heathrow has always worked well for me, or worked well enough, anyway.

Have a fun time this fall, I will miss both meetings, as far as I know.


Thanks very much for the advice, Dan That was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for!



I'll be there!



I'll be there, too.

Hey Matthias, Christoph, Meindert, Peter, hope to see you there:-)



I´ll try my best to see you this time....
Raymond: I´´m not familiar in London, maybe I need some german help....




I sent you an email regarding possibly meeting you.



Got you mail and replied...
Anyone interesting too? During the Ascension Day in Switzerland.


Will be nice to get together with other folks from around Basel.



I don't know yet whether I can attend, although it does interest me. And London is always worth a visit.

I'd be interested in getting more information.

Thank you

Best regards


We visited London last summer and I got a chance to slip into the Science Museum (http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/) for a few hours. It's well worth the time. Most on the forum would enjoy the computing exhibit:


Have fun!




There is a a working Difference Engine around London somewhere, IIRC.


I've seen none of you guys. I'll try my best to be there.


I am planning on being there (I live in london) and may well bring along a few toys for you to look at (and look inside). There are a couple of things that would keep me away (ask me privately if you're curious), though.

If I attend I intend to give a talk, but on something other than the HP35. I'll leave that machine for the rest of you ;-)

As regards transport, nearer the time (because these things can change) I can give details of public transport to Imperial College. The best airport to fly into would be Heathrow, it has a Tube (London Underground railway) station with a direct train to South Kensington (nearest tube station to Imperial College).

I cannot offer help with accomodation, nor can I accomodate anyone. My spare bed is covered to a depth of about 3 feet in HP80-series machines, BBC micros, PC parts, etc. And to get to said bed you have to climb over a PERQ, a MINC, a MicroVAX and an HP9100B.

As I said, I assume non-members (of HPCC) can attend, but I don't know the details. What I do know is that there will be no registration or payment on the day -- quite reasonable members of the HPCC committee would rather hear the talks than collect people's details.


Some information about the London meeting:

As Tony Duell says, HPCC members would rather listen to talks and presentations about our favourite HP devices than spend time signing in pre-registered folks and registering others at the door.

In fact the organizers would rather not spend time organizing - but some organization will be needed! So we are aiming for a semi-formal meeting like our own mini-conferences, or the meetings Matthias Wehrli has arranged in Basel, rather than a formal conference. That should give people more freedom - for example to visit the Science Museum - 5 minutes' walk from the meeting place - and see their computing collection including the working Difference Engine.

Baden-Powell House is also 5 minutes from the meeting place and a good choice for affordable accommodation - if you can get it - fortunately there are more rooms free there and elsewhere in October than earlier in the year.

The underground (tube, metro, subway) stations nearest the College are South Kensington and Gloucester Road - check them out on the map at www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/colourmap.pdf - Heathrow Airport is at the lower left of this map and the blue line (Piccadilly Line) goes directly from there to Gloucester Road and South Kensington, approximately 14 stations down the line - the exact count depends on which terminal you come from at Heathrow and whether all the stations along the route are open.

Our present policy is not to charge a formal registration fee but to try to cover all expenses from HPCC funds - and just possibly from requests for donations - but these will certainly not be obligatory. Not printing proceedings will save a lot of expenses.

What would be very helpful would be to know roughly how many people plan to come, so we can book meeting rooms of an appropriate size. We shall be putting pages about the conference, including this request, on our web site www.hpcc.org nearer the dates.

I hope to meet many of you there and am delighted to read on this thread that many friends have already decided to come - see you all!

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

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