Got a HP-75CX from one of you, thanks.
Can someone tell us more about this version? We all know the C and the D version.
My 75CX shows Version aaaaaa and 14271 K memory (without a 8k expansion). The calculator is labeled 75CX, like the 75C and the 75D are...



75CX was one of the pre-release designations.

At one point, the plan was to have 8K and 16K units, which would have been the 75C and 75D. I'm not sure whether the 75CX was before or after that. But the 8K unit was dropped, and the 16K was introduced as the 75C. By mistake, a photo showing a 75D was in the press kit.

The 75D designation was used later, but had nothing to do with the RAM size.

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