I recently purchased a 10BII and had to return it because the FV key stuck. I returned it and tried another and found the same flaw in the 2nd unit. Before learning of the flaw, I had recommended the unit to about 130 of my financial management students. Many of them found the FV key to stick as well as other flaws. I was terribly disappointed in the product. It does not have the feel of all other HP's I have. It has a real tinny feel to it. I elected not to buy another 10BII. I have one 10B and I've enjoyed it, but I'm afraid they may soon be out of print due to the 10BII. I am reluctant to recommend the 10BII in the future for obvious reasons. So, if any of you decide to buy a 10BII, my advice is to check the keys--all of them--before you leave the store. And be sure to hold on to your receipt, you may have to return it. I doubt if I just ran across a bad batch. I believe HP switched vendors with the 10BII and that could have made all the difference. Good luck.


You may want to recommend the 12C, as long as it is stil for sale...

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