HP 41 CV dead?


When I try to power on my HP 41CV fullnut, all I get is a single beep (after a second) and a blank display.

What's the old girl trying to tell me?

When I try a reset, I momentarily see the the top-half segments of the first four characters.



Sounds like you are screwed. Tell you what. If you send me the calculator and a $10- bill, I will happily dispose it for you.


I had one of those. Press the case down tightly while pressing the power switch. Works? If so, probably the plastic screw sockets are cracked and there is no pressure holding the circuit board in contact with the display. I used longer screws and some glue to hold it together and now have a working calculator. Clean the contacts while you are at it.


If you are not a DIY type, as I am not, a trip to FixThatCalc.com is money well spent. Randy will rebuild the cracked posts, clean the thing well, and send it back to you with fresh batteries.


If you wish you can repair the cracked posts by your self, the repair consiste of a few drops of cyanocrylate glue, and a wrap of fine wire around the posts until the glue had thoroughly set. then close the calculator carefully.


CA glue is a VERY poor fix. It will almost certainly fail in short order. The only (fairly) reliable fix is to use a plastic welding solvent like methylene chloride (available in small bottles at most good hobby shops). It melts the plastic and allows it to be rejoined like a weld in metal.


Do you know a brand name to ask for?




Another product name is Tenax. Both available at HobbyTown. Ambroid is cheaper...


This was the reason for my question. As I recall, someone in the past mentioned that Tenax contains cyanocrylate, which they recommended. I may be doing somethng incorrectly, but I have had poor results with Tenax.

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