82104 Card Reader Assembly


I see there is an article on repairing the card reader. Is there a schematic or step by step procedure anywhere with pics to show how the card reader is assembled. I am in the process of assembling an MLDL2000. Step by step would be nice. Please let me know.


Can anyone Instruct me on how the springs are assembled? The rest of the card reader is a no brainer.


Hi, Jeff;

I'll add some pics tomorrow (have lost the ones I had after formatting the HD one of these times...). I have a disassembled unit I can show it, somehow. I'll take the pictures with sunlight, it is better. Not that hard to assemble, once you see how it is done, though...


Luiz (Brazil)


The instructions at this contribution will show the bigger steps. Installing the springs is a bit tricky. I use superglue to fix the metal part to the plastic. Please be careful when isntalling, the two plastic parts are different for left and right!


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