Casio FC-1000 manual? Anyone?


I've searched and can't find a manual for the FC-1000. Does anyone here have it in PDF form or a link to one?



Hi Gene.

Please have a look at:

That should be what you're looking for.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.



Hi. Yes, I had seen that.

But, when you click on that link, you get a "Not found" error.

So, still in search of a manual. :-)


Hi Gene,

Try following:

Casio NZ

Do a search for FC1000. They have a scanned copy of it in English.

If you have problem downloading it, send me your e-mail and I'll send you the copy I downloaded.





Hi, Gene:

    I've downloaded and looked at the manual and it seems a pretty interesting machine.

    Matter of fact, it can be considered like the Financial version of my Casio fx-7500g, which seems to be identical to yours, only Scientific instead of business (and with nearly 2x the memory), as if they were the 'equivalents' of the HP-12C and HP-11C, respectively.

    My scientific fx-7500g is an awesome machine, unbelievably small, capable, and fast, much faster than most HP models, and with a very nice graphic and alpha screen. I'd love to see some of your comments, tests, and even reviews when you get to know your business model and write some programs for it. I'm even considering writing some review and programs for my scientific model in comparison with equivalent HP ones. Your review and mine would make a fine couple of paired articles :-)

Best regards from V.


My scientific fx-7500g is an awesome machine ...

What's the key travel like on yours? I have an FC1000 and the keys have zero travel. They all work okay it's just that they make it pretty uncomfortable to use.


I forgot to add...

I trust that you have seen this latest one from Casio?

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