solving inequalities with my 50G


OK, I must be going crazy...the other night (with my 50g) I was merrily solving inequalities for a variable (checking my son's homework;)using the far right soft key labeled "solve" in the s.solve menu. (As a very simplistic example, for the inequality X<3Y in level 1 of the stack, I would key Y into the command line and press the solve soft key...the result sould be Y>X/3).
Just now, I'm trying to do the same thing again and I get a window that says "Solve Error: Parameters not allowed".
So now I'm thinking maybe I wasn't using the solve soft key the other night...or maybe a flag or setting is not configured properly...or maybe I'm just losing my marbles 8/ ---->ooooo

Anyway, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, and best regards, Hal


Hal, did you get answered?

I don't recall ever getting solutions for inequalities as a part of CAS or anywhere within the solvers. That doesn't mean it isn't designed to or specified to. A solve error, "parameters not allowed" would be the message expected, at least to me. I can generate that response every time on my 50.



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