Substitude variables on a array of equations...


Hi all!

I have a function that retuns me a array with two equations...
Something like this:

[x^2+y X^2-2y]

Is there any way that i can use to substitute X and Y by real numbers,
x=2 and y=1

And get an array with the responses:
[5 2]

Thanks a lot!!!



one of the simplest way would be creating the variables ´x´ and ´y´ then attributing them the values you want to. Consider this:

[x^2+y x^2-2y] [ENTER]
2 'x' [STO]
1 'y' [STO]

Alternatively you can store the initial expression in a separate variable, say 'EQ1', with the following sequence:

[x^2+y x^2-2y] 'EQ1' [STO]
2 'x' [STO]
1 'y' [STO]
'EQ1' [->NUM]
This way, you could attribute x and y other values, say 3 and 4, like this:
3 'x' [STO]
4 'y' [STO]
'EQ1' [->NUM]
There are other ways, for sure. This is one of them, though.


Luiz (Brazil)

(PS: there may be errors, I have no calculator at hands, now...)

Edited: 18 Apr 2007, 8:10 p.m.

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