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Hi all, I have recently revived my interest in my old HP41's and need to say that this site has a lot to do with that! Wonderful to see all these people interested in 'ancient state of the art technology'. Thanks.

Now my question, since we in Europe will shortly all convert our local currencies to Euro's, I checked the Archive for a Currency Converter for my 41. Did not find anything. Does anyone know of a suitable program? I know it should not be too much of an issue to write one, but I have not programmed the 41 (or anything) for well over 10 years. It will take a few hours to get back into it...

Thanks a lot,


NB I suppose a Euro symbol on the 41 will be too much
to ask for ;-)


In PRGM mode, key in the following program:









Now, to convert from euros to Netherland's Guilders,
simpley key in the amount in eurosd an XEQ "E2G". To
perform the opposite conversion, key in the amount in
Netherland Guilders and XEQ "G2E". If you assign those
labels to some suitable keys, you can do the conversion
by pressing a single key, or shif-key.

In case you don't remember how to make an assignment, it
goes like this: press ASN, then key in the name of the
label (E2G or G2E), then press the key you want to assign
it to.

Hope that helps. Best regards.


Yes, it is as simple as that.

You could also assign the E2G program to the LN key, so that in USER mode it is only 1 key to convert.

The € sign is quite difficult to program, though it is possible to design new characters.

The best sign would be something like that :

matrix €
I\/I /
-- -
I/\I \

which is possible on a 41.


Thanks a lot for that. But I had figured that out!

I was hoping to find an application that was a little more sophisticated, like handling different (European) currencies and converting between those...

More thoughts?



WCC - Worldwide Currency Converter by Peter Thelin of Newark, CA is in PPC Journal, V12 N5 (May 1985) page 18-20. Includes program listing and barcode. I successfully used this program for 10 years until it was replaced by a program built into the 200LX.


Thanks a lot! That looks just like what I was hoping for.
Does anyone have a pointer as to where to find the PPC Journals? Or maybe just the listing of that program?
I have checked the Internet (google) but the Journal Archives only seem to ba available from commercial CD's. as far as I have seen...

Best regards.


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