working with fractions


Hello, just wondering if there was an way to simplfy fractions, for example 34/21 or 8/2, and ideas?? I always thought calculators were meant to make things easier??


Also is there a way of entering fractions along the lines of 3/4/8 (three and four eigths) or -5/9/10 ( negative 5 and nine tenths)


On the HP33S the decimal point serves to delineate the whole number and fractions on entry. See the lessons below.


On the HP33S the decimal point serves to delineate the whole number and fractions on entry. See the lessons below.

Both the HP-32SII and HP-33S are the only (RPN-based, at least) HP models that have this capability. It's actually quite good, in that the closest fractional approximation (having a denominator no greater than 4096) to a floating-point value can be produced.

-- KS


The HP41C, CV, CX with the PPC ROM allows you to work with fractions. I believe that with the HP15C you are out of luck. Sorry Karl.

Regards, Thor


sorry I forgot to mention im using the HP 50g, thanks for the reply though


Hi Dan, the HP 50g can indeed do fractions. Do do what I presume you want to do, first set the calculator to symbolic mode (Press the "MODE" key, select "CAS", and have both "Numeric" and "Approx" unchecked). A simple example (in RPN, but works analogously in algebraic): 10 ENTER 6 Divide --> '5/3'. 7 ENTER 12 Divide --> '7/12', then Add --> '5/3 + 7/12'. Press EVAL yields '9/4'. For further information see also the User's Guide, pages 5-23 ff.

I hope this helps. Good luck and best regards.


Dan, I just remembered that HP has a training module on fractions for the HP 50g, here it is:

I think this explains things well. There is quite a number of other training modules as well, I found them very helpful.

Best regards again. Chris.

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