Difference between 19Bii and 19B


Is support for RPN the only difference between the HP-19BII and the HP-19B?


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What is RPN?


Right Part Number .. or something like that!


Right Part Number .. or something like that!


Which also gave an awful programming language called RPL (UserRPL or SystemRPL) for REVERSE POLISH LISP. This is the LISP (aka. Lots of Insane and Stupid Parentheses) w/o parentheses...



I only have the side battery door 19BII, but my understanding is that the Indonesian 19BIIs with back battery doors don't suffer the same problems with door breakage.



I meant difference in software between the 19B and 19BII. I am aware of the "back side door" version.




FWIW, my 19BII Owner's Manual is IDENTICAL to my 19B Owner's Manual except for the following:

p.36 The last paragraph refers to appendix D.
Appendices D,E,F added for RPN.



Is this also true for the 17b / 17bii?



Sorry, I don't own either a 17B, or a 17BII. I SUSPECT it's the same situation as with my 19B and 19BII where there is one reference to Appendix D, and the additional appendices to cover RPN.



Thanks Bob! I thought maybe the 19BII added a few more functions in addition to supporting RPN.



Hi Namir,

I thought that there were three models: 19B, 19BII and 19BII Business Consultant II.

I don't have access to mine at the moment to check the differences but I think RPN only appeared in the latter. The middle one has additional math functions (trig I think - but my memory is hazy here.)

All three were made with the side battery door design but with varying quality of keypress feel!


three models: 19B, 19BII and 19BII Business Consultant II

There might have been labeling variants, but I think that's only two models, with and without the "II".



Both models include "Consultant II" in their title. This has confused quite a few eBay sellers who sell an HP19B using HP19BII in their description, thinking that they can shift the "II" in "Consultant II" to the calculator number. Its' REALLY HP's FAULT FOR USING A POOR TITLE. Yes I am shouting so HP can hear me.



Yes, the naming was astoundingly stupid.

The clamshell financials were:

  • HP-18C Business Consultant
  • HP 19B Business Consultant II
  • HP 19BII Business Consultant II

The first part (HP-18C, HP 19B, or HP 19BII) is the actual model number. The rest is a marketing title. There may have been labelling variations regarding the title.

Whether the marketing title does or does not include "II" has nothing to do with whether it is a 19B or a 19BII. It either has the II
immediately after the 19B, or not.

If someone offers a "Business Consultant II" for sale, that's not enough information to determine which model it is.

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