Hudendai !!!


Just kidding! I won't sit around and talk about eBay calc sellers still, just thought my subject line would grab attention.

It's been a while since I posted and wanted to say hi to everyone!


Now that you showed us how much free time you have, your task is to out-macho Newton's method used to solve single non-linear functions. We'd like to see how cool you are in the numerical analysis department!!! If you make it, we will sing your praises non-stop on this web site and in every HHC conference to be held in the future.

And BTW ... hi back to you!!



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Too easy of a challenge! I won't insult you with actually proving it of course...



Isn't this the part when someone says, "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!!!!"?


Haaaa.. LES good monty python quote!! May I add the latter half of that scene GRIN

"[maddog] Go away before we taunt you a second time!!"


C'mon Hudendai, admit that you missed me a little....


Too easy????? So picking on online sellers is the more difficult and challenging task you'd rather do??

I am disappointed!!!



Who picks on sellers?

I try to get sellers to be more accurate by pointing out flaws in their ads. A few sellers have modified things thanks to my criticisms. :)

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