HP-42S different versions?



In my HP-calculator collection I have two different looking HP-42S's; one with black edge around the dislay, and one with blank edge. The selftest on both machines say version E, but they look different in the casing. How many different HP-42S were made?




Actually, I don't know what E stands for, maybe English? Some business machines (like HP17BII) were available in two versions: english and international (with choice of language). But not the HP42S.

To get the ROM revision, do:
EXIT-LOG to enter the test mode,
<- to enter the memory browser,
'.' (decimal point)
You will see the ROM version at the left of the display.
There were 3 ROM versions: A, B, C.


I do not know if Mr. Johnny is aware about the memory browser, so, if I may...

Please, do not attempt doing more than what's mentioned by Mr. Garnier; the memory browser allows directly writing over memory contents and consequences may not be welcome...

There is some about the memory browser to be read, but I do not remmember the address :-(

Best regards.


Here it is.


The author of the page mentions the commands of the memory browser under

Bugs/ROM Versions:

If you wanna try to have a look, it's good reading.


Well, from a physical standpoint, there are two versions, each with slightly different displays. One has a display with a metal surround that is almost flush with the glass. The other version has a screen that is almost recessed... the surround is raised compared to the screen itself. I'm told that the recessed version is rarer.


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