HP 32E & 37E


I need help to replace the batteries or do something given I still have the chargers for each. Apparently it's not simple to do, so I would appreciate information on contacts who could do it for me.


Purists caution against it, but in both of my Spices I use AA NiMH batteries held together with a little tape and an aluminum foil jumper completing the circuit on the right side (when you look at the bottom of the calc, top end up, cover off). The nipples on the ends add length vs. the original NiCads so that the fit is snug. If you can find AA NiMHs with a recessed tip they may be a better choice, but frankly I could never really be bothered. In my 33C the lower contact was broken off but enough of a stub remains to contact the battery end.

The original Spice battery pack is basically a metal sheath tha exposes the ends on the left and completes the circuit on the right. It has the polarity marked on it. The calc itself does not, so when inserting my self made pac I have to remember "negative upper left", lest reverse polarity will clear the memory.

NiMH's take a goodly time to charge with the Spice adapter, but they last forever--I had my 34C run an endless loop program at FIX 9 for well over 30 hours before it died using 2000 mAH cells.


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