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I finally have produced new battery pack covers for the type 82001 classic batery. Anyone interested in these should contact me at my email for added info. I will be offering covers for $7.50 a set plus $0.50 S&H and Ohio sales tax. Complete battery's should soon also be ready. I expect to have both a NiCd 1000 mAH and NiMH 1300 mAH version. Also covers available in standard black, red, green, blue, brown colors.


This belongs in classified forum.


unanus; are you a rent-a-cop or what? enough people have asked about these things over the seven years i have lurked here to qualify this as news.

don; how about you post 2 photos? when are you going to make woodstock batts and spice doors?


I sent photos to Dave to post on the site. I'll have to spend some time to write up and item for the site.

Let me know what kind of geometry the doors are like, I might consider trying to mold them if they are not to complicated as a new project next.


Did not mean to offend you Sr.Promedio! However, calling me "unanus" is crude and childish.


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Don has done a lot of work to make this happen. I'd like to seem him write up an article on the process for the Articles forum.

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Actually I got this crazy idea to try to make the Classic batterys back in 2004. It has been an interesting trip to get to today. I had to learn many new skills and purchase/build machinery. I can post some photos once I figure out how to download them. I'll need to get Dave to give me some help.
I had been interested in the HP calculators since they first came out. My first machine was one of the hP-65's. One of my old friends Dean Lampman was one of the first persons outside of HP to actually see the HP-65 before it was released. He worked on making the first user pacs for machine design, and math and others. I can write up the story on how I got to make the covers, I guess to add to the museum.


You can email the pictures and I can place them on-line, or you can create a forum account (click on "Login / Accounts" at the top right of the forum index) and email me that you've done that. Then I can set your account to allow picture uploads.

Either way, once they have been uploaded, you can then write up the article and click on the Image button or just refer to them like this:


For example, typing:


would produce:

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