Article that finds inspiration in the PPC ROM




Hi Frank,

thanks for the link. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

However, any development regarding the EMU topic?




It's interesting that the author chose to single out Bill Wickes, apparently due to his forward in the PPC ROM manual, and not Richard Nelson without whom the whole project wouldn't have even been conceived.

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I agree. Richard played an important role. Many folks, like yourself, made valuable contributions. It was definitely a community effort.

The PPC-ROM came to be in a time where we had no email, no web pages to post material on, and so on.

If we ask HP to bring any machine back into production, it should be the HP41C. HP should include new modules, like one that is an SD card reader!!!


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¨.....“PPC ROM”that plugs into an HP personal computer that is now 25 years obsolete called an HP-41.¨

more like 40 years ahead of it´s time.


In all the modules they mentioned, they did not include the HPIL or EXT I/O, which were my reasons for getting a 41. Previously I had a programmable calculator; but it couldn't control any of the lab instrumentation on the workbench. Their narrow consumer view of hand-held devices is what makes them fail to recognize the value of the 41. I'm glad they're drawing attention to community development however.

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