Hi gentlemen ... and ladies !

This is the epilog of the story I talked about a few weeks ago...
My old friend HP31E is back to life ! thanks to Jon, from Spain, who is probably well known across the forum I think.

I' m now on heading a huge collection : HP31E + HP11C + TI58 + TI SR40 + (pending) TI58C...

The calculator is now working perfectly, even better than it was at origin - remember it was bugged and never granted a serial number.

Thanks again to Jon !



Hi, all:

    Jon is indeed very good. I've never used his repairing services myself but saw a close friend's HP-34C before and after Jon's treatment and indeed he left it as good as new, both cosmetically and functionally. Impressive work indeed.
Best regards from V.


In addition, I can say this : the main board and display have been replaced on my calculator by spare parts that Jon had around, and considering that I'm living in France, the postal fare are not nothing, the total invoiced amount of 100 euros was quite cheap, I believe.


Could you leave here some data about Jon? Town, address, email, phone number or so what?

I live in EU, and Spain is not that far from my place (a holiday could correspond to a travel for repairing a calculator!, killing two birds with one stone).

Thanks in advance

-- Antonio


Yes, please leave all this information, so I can contact him regarding an urgent business proposal. I need to move $32,658,409,590.16 out of my late father's bank account in South Sahudra. I know I can trust Jon because of his spotless reputation. Also, if you could provide his bank account number and credit card number, this will make the transaction easier for Jon. This is all legal, per USCBA 32.417.9s, and will only be executed strictly per eBay rules.


Yes, please leave all this information, so I can contact him regarding an urgent business proposal. ....

Then everybody will understand I will give no information on the forum posts page ...


Jon can be contacted thru the link at this ad. That's how I made his acquaintance.



Thanks. Of course, I didn't mean to start a subthread about business proposal of huge amounts of bucks/euros to.... I only thought that good info about HP calculator repairing is useful to anyone of us.

Sorry for Jon if my question caused him troubles. I really didn't mean that.

-- Antonio

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I wanted to put in my good word for Jon too.

I just got from him a custom made Extended Memory module that has the electronics of two modules in one, so 476 registers. It cost me about the same as the going eBay rate for two standard XM modules, and only takes one port. It took a few weeks to get here but I am glad to have it now. Very cool little gizmo for the HP41 buff.


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