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Hi all,

Back into the HP calculator world after many years away, 3 kids in math courses and I want to get them to enjoy HP calcs like I did. Owned the 25C, 67/97, and the 41 system, tape drive, printer, wand reader, etc. Loved them, loved RPN, and always enjoyed working through that great HP colloquial documentation in those great, spiral bound books.

Bought a 50G about a week ago, and it is impressive. Gotta say I do miss the old beveled keys, but there is so much capability...unfortunately, not a useful manual however. The little book, and the pdf, are like reading stereo instructions, and bear no resemblance to the inspirational docs of my youth. Maybe those talented writers are still out there. Any suggestions on some cool 3rd party books?

I also picked up a 82240B printer to have mobile hardcopy output at school. Only problem is the calc does not seem to have the old trace modes to send work to the printer automatically as you work through the calculation, like the 97 or the 41C. Is this something you have to program...or am I just missing some simple flag to set in this mountain of functions? Any help would be appreciated...I am really feeling like a newbie here.

Thanks in advance...


Hi Kevin.

Talking about docs, I think that as far as RPL programming is concerned

you can certainly use either the *good old* 48 Series documentation

or the HP49G Advanced User Reference Guide, that is available (of course :-)


If you're specifically looking for third-party books, then

I'd suggest Thomas Barber's recent book "The Definitive User's
Guide to the HP48g/49g/50g Calculators",

available at

Last but not least, please get back to my quoting of -

it is *the* ultimate source for tutorials and programs for the 48/49/50 series.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.



Hi Kevin,

You may also wish to visit the following link for some great resources for the 50G:

This site is maintained by Gilberto E. Urroz, Ph.D., P.E., an Associate Professor at Utah State University. The site has a wealth of info and additional links. He also published a two volume set entitled: "Science and Engineering Mathematics with the hp 49 g". A worthwhile purchase.

The HP website also has tutorials on many of the features of the 50G.




The "print trace" modes aren't built-in on the 48 and 49 series, but you can accomplish much the same using vectored ENTER to customize the calculators. See this thread for much more information on the printers and vectored ENTER.



Yes, I miss the good old manuals too, but note that HP isn't alone in failing to make good documentation easily available.

For more links to various on-line resources for the RPL models, see this thread.


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