HP Celebrates 35th Anniversary of HP Calculators with Video Contest



Jake Schwartz found this and forwarded to me.

VERY nice prizes. Who's going to enter?


I think I can say I've been filmed. I signed an NDA but didn't get a copy, so I'm assuming I can say that much.

However, after getting up at 2 AM and being filmed at 11AM and not getting any food in between, I have no idea if they got any sentences out of me that made any sense. I was going to eat at the airport but then the flight reservation got lost and there were complications because I'm on the No Fly list and am not allowed to make reservations right before flight... Oh boy. It's all a blur.

It was fun though!


"because I'm on the No Fly list"

You've got the same name as the Australian guy they held in Gitmo for four years and just convicted of something for which he got a several month sentence - to be served in Australia, I think.

Maybe when he goes home, you'll be cleared (let's hope so).

In the meantime, you could try some of us as character witnesses, but that would probably get you into MORE trouble!!


Maybe when he goes home, you'll be cleared (let's hope so).

Well, I've been on the list for the last 5 years, while he was locked up in what is probably the most secure prison in the world, so I'm not holding my breath that sending him home is going to get "me" off the list ;-)


Maybe when he goes home, you'll be cleared (let's hope so).

Not a chance. They put captured and dead suspects on the list. But it is well documented that many suspects that are at large are not put on the list in order to avoid tipping them off. In other words, the no-fly list is completely bloody useless BY DESIGN. It wastes our money and harasses the innocent, while doing not a damn thing to actually capture terrorists or prevent them from attacking.


You think that's useless... I had a pakcage shipped to me overnight from England via DHL (avoid these scum like the plague). They called (yes indeed, it was actually DHL) a week later and said that if I wanted the package they needed a copy of my social security card and last years income tax forms! Why, Homeland Insecurity required it. Yeah, right. I told them to go suck eggs and ship the item back to England. My friend then popped it into Royal Mail and two days later it was sitting on my doorstep with nary a signature.

Any bad guy would have just photoshopped a SS card and used Turbo Tax to crank out a tax form. All this BS from DHL/Homeland Insecurity just opens honest people up to massive identity theft.


A few years ago I was told that my HP Museum bank account was no longer "Patriot Act Compatible" and that I needed to open a new one. That took 13 months. Why? Because part of the new "Patriot Act Compatible" bank account is answering questions such as: Where do you ship products? My answer was "everywhere". No, they needed a specific list. This was done in the bank and I'm supposed to list countries I've shipped to from memory. I barely pay attention to where I ship! Someone puts it on the order form and the Postal System takes care of the rest!

That wasn't good enough so the bank guy reads me a list and asks me to say yes or no to each. He reads: Afghanistan. Me: "yes". Him: "Really???" Me: "Yes. During the invasion I received several orders from the military and military contractors. That should be a good thing - right?" Um... Nope.... The "Patriot Act Compatible" interview process only accepts a list of countries. No reasons are provided...


You just want us to think the only reason you are on the No Fly List is becuase of a name mixup. We all KNOW you ARE in possession of Weapons of Math Instruction and distribute information contributing to the devleopment and use of said taboo subject worldwide. Our dear Uncle Sam has a dungeon called "Gitmo" just for people like you ;-)


We all KNOW you ARE in possession of Weapons of Math Instruction ...

d:)) That's a great one! Congratulations, Dave!!

Why are you on the No Fly list?

-- Antonio


Why are you on the No Fly list?

There's an Australian kid named David Hicks who was captured during the initial invasion of Afghanistan and put in Guantanamo Bay. They put him on the list just in case he escaped from Guantanamo Bay, stole back his passport. (which I'm sure is kept no where near him.) made his way to the US and then booked a flight under his own name. All before anyone noticed that he was missing from an army prison camp. That never seemed like a very likely scenario to me.

All I know about the other David Hicks is from an Australian movie: "The President vs. David Hicks". From the movie, he appeared to be a mixed up kid that was searching for some cause to define himself. He tried to join the Australian army but was turned down. He went to Japan. Then he heard about people being oppressed in Bosnia so he went there and joined the US-supported Kosovo Liberation Army. Then, apparently he tried to become a Christian scholar and when that didn't work out, he tried Islam. Then he went to Pakistan to study Islam, and somehow ended up in Afghanistan. I'm sure terrorist groups would have loved to have a mixed up blond white kid on their side, but I don't know if he would have really been useful to them. He seems pretty flighty.


Wow, what an adventurous life! And you too!

Thanks for exaplaining.

-- Antonio

BTW: when will this site be updated?


BTW: when will this site be updated?

Since late last year, I've been using pretty much all of my spare time to scan.

My mission right now is to organize ~2.8 GB of new materials for the next version of the DVD/CD set.

New material is still being accepted (hint hint!) though I'm probably going to finalize Version 6 within a couple of weeks.

The site does need some updates and I have a huge pile of email in my inbox, but my DVD's are made in a factory in batches and this batch is running out so I've got to get the next version done.


....He seems pretty flighty.

Ah, but thanks to the Patriot Act, there's only one flighty Dave Hicks in the world. Al the rest are no-flighty. I feel safer already.


Too sad it's only for USA residents. I understand there may be reasons (cost of airline tickets, legal issues for overseas prizes)... but would Jan Lukasiewicz be disqualified?


Yes, I agree. It's always the same story: All interesting (marketing-) activities are "for U.S. residents only". Why is HP always ignoring its loyal customers in other countries ?

Kind regards



Best regards from V.


Was he an ice skate champion, or that ballet dancer, the one with the redhead fiancee?...

Jan... should be "he" or a "she"?


Jan... should be "he" or a "she"?

In USA today it is seen as an act of nondiscrimination to be inable to derive the gender from the name. Oh, it's so confusing ;)

Edited: 4 Apr 2007, 6:00 a.m.


Too sad it's only for USA residents. I understand there may be reasons [deletia]... but would Jan Lukasiewicz be disqualified?

I had a CompSci teacher who said
"People say 'RPN' because they're too lazy to learn how to
pronounce 'Lukasiewicz'."

IIRC, he pronounced it LU-KA-suh-wich(z).
But how is Jan pronounced? I am aware that in some languages
a "J" may be pronounced with a "Y" or "H" sound...


dona nobis pacem


IIRC, he pronounced it LU-KA-suh-wich(z). But how is Jan pronounced?

Jan is pronounced as written. Just for English native speakers: YAN with an "a" as in "half".

I think Eric should enter with his mystery machine: imagine industrial sounding, high-pressure hissing; dry-ice clouds spurting out; close-up of those 'teeth'; HP-35 placed in the center; machine ominously closes; strange noises; more dry ice; machine opens to reveal a new 50G

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