Removing Permanent Marker from HP 48SX


Is it possible to remove what looks like a black spot from a permanent marker from the keyboard area of an HP 48SX? If so, how? Any suggestions for cleaning methods to try, that will not damage or leave any marks on the keyboard area? The mark is just a spot, and is above the top row of keys.



Try using a dry-erase marker. The solvents in dry-erase markers dissolve the ink of most permanent markers. After the dry-erase "ink" dries, just erase it. I haven't tried this on a calculator, but it works very well with removing permanent marker ink from white boards.


If this is a permanent marker like a Sharpie, you might try some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) on a cotton swab. We use Sharpies to mark glassware and other things in labs, and alcohol always takes the marks off. Acetone also works, but this would almost certainly damage the plastic.

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